10 FREE PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have

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  1. Speccy (Piriform) is great for seeing all the specs on hardware, can monitor temps as well. Probably tells you way more than most people ever need to know. Also good for planning upgrades.

  2. F.Lux? Damn I was surprised! I got to know that app as a jailbreak tweak on my old iPhone 3GS so that I could have something similar to new iOS versions' Night mode or whatever that's called which makes the screen dimmer and warmer. It's actually a desktop app and not only a tweak available for old iPhones through Cydia?! That's a surprise.

  3. windirstat gived me 100 go thanks a lot really some old stuff i had in my computer was taking like 2 or even 6 go like films and games psp ds and it was lost so i got rid of all this thanks a lot again ! Great video !!


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