BCM 300 BlackOut AR Pistol Review

BCM 300 BlackOut 9″ Barrel Review Pistol.
One of the best AR manufacturers in the world.

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Comment (221)

  1. After 200 yards then the .556 does better but how many will be that long, in a situation more than likely it's 30 to 75 yards close quarters, won't be sniping with 10.5 or 7 inch barrels

  2. I have a PWS CQB comp on mine eliminated all the back noise and gas in the face. Absolutely zero sideways concussion. And it was never ever a law saying it can't be shouldered. That law doesn't exist. Never has. And BATF cannot arrest you for it nor can they claim it as law. They do not make laws only enforce them.

  3. +sootch00 would you recommend this system, with the Law Tactical and KAK brace, as PDW truck/car gun? If so what ammo would you most recommend using unsupressed? What ammo would you run once it is suppressed?

  4. Will never understand why the idiots who created 300 whisper didn't want to standardize their round. Lost a lot of money I'm guessing . Advanced Armorment said thank you very much

  5. Just checking I love your videos, but at 7:54 was that a flash hider or forward assist? I know everyone is a critic, especially those who don't do what you do.. and yes, I thank you for what you do. carry on.

  6. If you're talking about the letter to SB Tactical, who makes the SIG brace…that was a specific letter to one manufacturer. Not all braces are exempt! All the same…do it anyway, love your channel!

  7. Sooch I bought me a Wheaton Arms tin barrel Monday and Robbie personally dropped the barrel in my pistol so they owe you 1 I would have never known about these if you hadn't done your video thanks


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