Coronado Arms CA-15 Rifle 6.8 SPC

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The CA-15 Rifle From Coronado Arms in 6.8 SPC caliber, but 5.56 NATO is also available. This is a high quality AR-15 Rifle that has incredible features and a real tack driver.

Coronado Arms Website:

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Is the lower design that much more functional than one a fraction of the price? Same with the upper. I hunt with Barrett Gen 1 and Stag Hunter 7.You can purchase the same keymod hand guards all over. The same trigger,and every other part can be purchased. Both are shooters,and all you need. It's not a beauty contest to me. Not to say the others are ugly. I also build my own and Cerakote myself when i want to.

  2. Great review and video. It is a very interesting rifle design and looks really cool. It was sporting a very nice Vortex scope too. The price point is a might high for me right now.

  3. No real confusion concerning this caliber.  There are basically three different chambers available ("SAAMI" is not preferred).  Initial offerings were (out of not knowing/not enough testing) built using a 6 groove Enfield barrel from a .270 Winchester.  Field testing with other combinations have resulted in a better spec'd chamber/rifling to perform much better, with more velocity and less pressure.  The key here is, DO your homework on the chamber/rifling specs offered on what you're looking to buy.  Chambers OTHER THAN SAAMI have more lead and handle chamber pressure more efficiently.  Chambers are basically best described as follows (in how they handle pressure):

    6.8 SPC (SAAMI)  = .223 Remington (SAAMI)
    6.8x43mm (Basically, used only by AR15 Performance) = .223 Wylde
    6.8 SPC II = 5.56 NATO

    In all, fine looking rifle.  Also (Sootch00), Remington ammunition is known to be the weakest of 6.8 SPC ammo available (tends to be less accurate too).  Try that offered by SSA and Hornady (Federal has been pretty good too). Sellier & Bellot hasn't been too bad either. 

  4. i'm not saying that isn't a nice rifle but I'm getting the same accuracy with my M&P Sport and a Nikon P-223 3×9-40 scope. and I'm not that great of a shot. I would expect better accuracy out if a $2400 rifle. just saying. great review

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  6. Considering the cost of the rifle and ammo I think I would really lean towards and AR10 or some other semi auto .308 . Anything more basic and I'll just stick with my AK and cheap ammo. I know there's uses for this but there uses for pretty much all calibers so that argument is pointless.

  7. Very nice.   I am looking into getting a 6.8spc myself.   Would love to see a follow up of your targets from 100 and 200 yards or more for this rifle.   Please make a follow up video showing how well this shoots at longer distances.     Thanks.

  8. Quick hands my friend on the wind blown camera. Reminds me of the day I got a awesome deal on a rifle and despite the windy day took it out to shoot to watch it blow off the table onto the cement..

  9. Is it possible to get this in pieces? i no next to nothing about Ar-15s, but is it possible to get the lower, then when i have the funds to get the upper, and that is an awesome looking hand guard.   

  10. I have a PRS stock on my AR-10 in .308. It's a really nice stock that balances the rest of the rifle quite well. Love the adjustability of it. It works well with my Harris bipod for shooting without a rest.

  11. Don,

    Is that a SPCII chamber?  I'm surprised they have so many innovations in the gun but are using a 1-10" twist.  If you can get ahold of some Silver State Armory 130-140 grain Berger VLD loads, you should have some great rounds that will take advantage of the faster twist.

  12. Sootch,
    Thanks for all you do! Been watchin you and all of the other top YouTube guys for a couple of years now. Keep em comin brother!
    Is merely a suggestion? Is most commonly taught to touch your nose to the charging handle to obtain the same sight picture. I noticed that this particular rail extended far enough fwd to allow the scope to facilitate.

    Is what we're taught.

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