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You will relate to it, when unknowingly you are added on whats app family group and get daily good morning and flower messages !!

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  1. Sale tere jese baniye sab nhi hote hum daily sharab bhi pite hai mac d bhi jate hai pizza hut dominoz me bhi khate hai randi bhi chodte hai or tere jeso ki gand bhi marte hai or paise bhi dete ha:p

  2. shame on you. Take lesson from Lalit Shokeen. He makes fun of haryanavi style but never say anything about his community. Update yourself, there are thousands from baniya community in our defence forces. This false publicity and few rupees at the cost of Baniya community will take you to misery.

  3. ā¤¸ā¤žā¤˛ā¤ž ā¤šā¤°ā¤žā¤ŽāĨ€ ā¤­ā¤¨ā¤ŋā¤¯ā¤ž ā¤šāĨ‹ ā¤•ā¤° ā¤­āĨ€ ā¤­ā¤¨ā¤ŋā¤¯ā¤ž ā¤•āĨ‹ ā¤—ā¤žā¤˛āĨ€ ā¤¨ā¤ŋā¤•ā¤žā¤˛ ā¤šāĨˆ ā¤¸ā¤žā¤˛ā¤ž ā¤šā¤°ā¤žā¤ŽāĨ€ ā¤•ā¤šāĨ€ ā¤•ā¤ž

  4. Your daddy and my real brother Manav Gupta is a fighter pilot in Indian Airforce he fly Su30 most lethal supersonic aircraft of world. Major Vivek Gupta died for India in kargil war . Major general Ak Gupta in charge of NSG. It's not about comedy it's about sacrifice of great humans . My real brother protect India 24×7 without a single holiday. He puts his life in danger for union of India. And cockroaches like you have no right to insult any community. Now I feel lucky that I live abroad because I don't wanna see assholes like you . What did you say banias are fat, motherfucker my muscles are much more than your shity Bollywood actors in India . My brother has the capability to take impact of 7G force while he fly su30. People like you make image our great country India down. If I would be authority of India then you would be in jail for showing this disrespect. I have no objection to your video I have objection when you said army .


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