Good News and Bad News

Update on my injured arm!

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  1. listen to some radio head that will make you feel better. Karma Police is a real chipper song. I doubt you will give me your address so here are some flowers๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒน.

  2. Get a gentle massage in the shoulder/shoulder blade area. My mum also says you should ask a physio's advice; and that you should explain what happened to your broken foot (now healed,) and that you are concerned about that same thing happening to your elbow. Well wishes to you from me and my family! โค

  3. OUCH I broke my elbow there and the ulna bone too and dislocated it too. So back 5 years ago I was in surgery for it and still have 9 screws in it. They took the plate and 9 screws out. Not fun but it was my left elbow too. They will do another one or should do another one. Sending prayers you heal fast. With mine because of the screws I still can't straighten out my arm, and wont ever even if they took the screws out.


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