How To Play Don’t Be Cruel By Elvis Presley – Guitar Lesson

30 FREE Guitar Lesson Go Here: Learn how to play Don’t Be Cruel By Elvis Presley in this guitar lesson video. I teach you the chords, licks and strumming which can be learned even by beginners.

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If you don’t know the chords used in this song, grab the free ebook at and if you need help with strumming or fretting, check out the free mini-video course series that I have for free at

If you have any questions about this video or the other several hundred videos that I have here, feel free to hit me up at or

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  1. Hey man. Just want to say i really like you as person thanks a lot for the videos their a great help and you make the teaching very easy and enjoyable. Hope you realise the gift you are giving so many people, the gift of music and making their own. Thanks again and may the gift you bestow on us be returned a thousandfold to yourself. Thanks again.

  2. Would you consider doing a video on an ancient rock n' roll song .. but a Classic … the Everly Brothers " Bird Dog " ?  I think you might be there first to do it here on the ol' Utube.  I picked you to ask as I love your lessons and you are a fab teacher, and I feel you have a respect for the oldie goodies, as this ol' Elvis song tutorial attests.

  3. Hey there guitar sage … love your stuff ! Two things, 1) On the ( ultra-slow ) BillySwan version ( have you heard it ? it is here on youtube if you have not ) .. can you tell me what chords he uses please ? 2) Next is a comment I have about something I notice with the Elvis songs when I play them, they all follow a pretty close pattern .. and I find myself for example, unexpectedly going from let's say a start with "Don't Be Cruel" and all of a sudden I am crossing over and playing "Teddy Bear" or any of several Elvis songs. I feel they are kind of variations on a pattern, have you noticed this too ?  


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