How to use iMovie

I know I didn’t go over EVERYTHING! But that’s the basics…. I think

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  1. Hello, thank you so much for the video , it helping me a lot , but I am finding it difficult to reduce the volume of underneath the video , please can you tell me how 😘😘

  2. Thanks for this.I'm new too Youtube and wanna start up my own channel,so far i have two suck as videos on my channel which people can go check out. And I'm also new to using iMovie and all this editing stuff. It will take along time for me to create amazing videos but i will get there,but yeah thanks for this video I needed to watch it to learn how to use iMovie.

  3. already know how to make an iMovie at my school they teach us in first grade if we are in the smart class where we are more intelligent we actually get to make our movies only a few people in the class sorry I know how to make a movies


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