Sig P238 Pistol

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Sig Sauer P238 Single Action Semi-Auto Pistol in 380 ACP. A high quality option for Concealed Carry.

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  1. I want a true pocket pistol. I think the new Ruger LCP II fits the bill better than this gun. The Ruger is 5 ounces lighter and thinner with no protrusion on it. I like this gun but not for my pocket.

  2. Hi sootch,i follow you for a long time from France,and i love your style and nice "approach" of guns world ! Your analyses are very relevant and of a big value.Your videos are very pleasant too see and very alive.And you always finish by the humor with automockeries.
    You make an excellent work,you are my reference,continue on this way,you give pleasure and the quality information has quite the guns fascinated or enthusiasts.

  3. I just picked up a P238 Sports 12 model: Hogue rubber grips, all Nitron black with brushed stainless slide release and safety, hard case, 3 mags (2 flat base, 1 extended capacity), OWB molded holster and TFO Tritium Fiber Optic Front Night Sight/Tritium rear sight. All for $479. Wow.

  4. Sootch–In the colt mustang video you recommend carrying with the hammer at 1/2 cock instead of cocked and locked. I have a family member who refuses to carry c&l and carries condition 3. Maybe your recommendation of 1/2 cocked would work with the sig-safety on?

  5. I just purchased this gun and can hardly wait to shoot it. I have been studying up on small handguns for a couple of months to find the perfect gun, and was deciding between the Glock 42 and the S & W Bodyguard. At the gun store, I saw the Sig and asked to see it too. There were 2 men in line behind me, both of which told me what a superior gun the Sig was (over the Glock and the Bodyguard) and one of the gentleman informed me that his wife carries the Sig and loves it. I was totally impressed with the feel of the gun, and the ease of use of the slide. I also really like the beaver tail to protect my hand, as I have had problems with that in the past. The sales rep turned me on the the extended cartridges which allowed my pinky to get a hold – a very nice extra to have. I knew nothing about this gun prior to purchasing and I was happy to have found this gun and also the input from the gentlemen that were there. Upon getting home, I found this video, and now I feel very comfortable with the operation of this gun – kudo's to you – thank you very much. My gun has the Rosewood grips and is very attractive. I will be adding on the laser. But for now – I am very excited to get to the range this week. Again – thank you so much for such a thorough video!

  6. ONLY one magazine. Sig is nickel and diming the consumer with that! 2 mags should come included with every damn pistol!! My wife has made up her mind on this Sig Sauer P238, of course we'll have to purchase and extra mag! I'm a 9mm fan that works for me! Other than that, a really nice pistol and thanks as always for a thorough and detailed review. A big thumbs up!!  God Bless America!!!

  7. I purchased a P238 a couple of years ago and love the gun, but!!! one
    of the most critical parts to a gun is the magazine….if the magazine
    is a piece of crap you don't have much to hope for when it comes to
    reliability…..Sig really screwed up going Dollar store when it comes
    to producing its $50 magazines for this gun…..i have 4 mags and have
    had trouble with all of them….I don't plan on buying any more firearms
    from Sig for this reason. I just wanted to put this out there for
    anyone interested in getting one of these guns…..hopefully some third
    party will come up with a reliable magazine.

  8. Iv been looking at the P938 , keep looking before you buy . Seems the P238 and p938 have plenty of issues . Seems like every time i look at high dollar guns there turds if you do your home work and look for the issues .

  9. I tried one, and my first thoughts were, "It's a Colt Mustang clone". My second thought, was it's a better quality gun than the Colt Mustang with more available options. Some parts are even cross compatible with the Mustang. I am not so sure this gun is for first time or new shooters. Lots of those people are just not comfortable sticking a cocked gun into their waistbands or their pockets. I have carried Sig P226s, 228s, 220s, 229s, around cocked, and they don't even have a safety. As for the lasers, mine is off the gun and rolling around in the back seat of the car. They eat batteries, and when you need, it won't work, so wasted time and money for CCW. Spend the money on ammo and range time.

  10. I've been looking for the Sig Sauer P238 Laser mentioned in your video but can't find it. What is the laser  model number? I went to sig sauer web site and I can't find it. Cheaper than dirt has some lasers listed ,but none with sig name!! Appreciate your help! Great video!!!!!

  11. Just got my wife one… After taking it to the range today, I'm off to get one myself! Great little pistol and I feel better knowing she isn't intimidated with it like my others when I'm away.

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