SKS Rifle Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The SKS Rifle Review. A classic 7.62×39 Semi-Automatic 10 rd Box fed Carbine of Soviet design that is a favorite among U.S. Shooters and Collectors.

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  1. very good review.
    Up here in Canada, we still can have them for around 250$ in very good condition in our Canadian Tire stores and in many gun shops.
    The only trouble still our magasines laws, they are pinned at 5 rounds.

  2. The Ramp sight, is In meters….Trigger job, Detachable magazines, rubber butt ,muzzle break, I'll go up against any 5.56 @ 400 yards…..j/s

  3. The SKS weighs nearly as much as my M1 Garand, but shoots the intermediate cartridge instead of the high power 30.06.  The 7.62×39 is a lot less expensive than 30.06 and it doesn't have the recoil.

  4. I don't know how you get the cleaning kit in and out the butt-stock without getting your fingers jammed in the flapping door haha

  5. howdy, gotta question, did you have ta get a firing pin job done,n, a trigger job done also? just asking cuz I was thinking on buying a sks, I gotta cz527 now an a sks can also shoot the same round , just thought I'd ask you first tho,shakyjake out!!

  6. Always will be a personal favorite of mine. 4-7 learned with bb and pellet air rifles 7-10 was .22 and at 10 grandpa gave me a Russian SKS Rifle. Love it.

  7. looking for an sks and cant find any under 400 450 which i find unreasonable when new ARs can be had for 500-550 range and is a new better platform

  8. You can still find these for the price of a TP-9 handgun if you know where to look I'm keeping it secret right now for a few months till I get my bills paid down and can justify the cash for under 850 I can get an SKS a crate of brass cased 7.62×39 already preloaded on strip clips now you tell me is that a sweet deal ( with AKs in such high demand and people willing to way overpay it's caused the SKS to be ignored except by those looking for an affordable good quality intermediate range rifle that can be a do all)

  9. Just picked up a near perfect specimen from my local gun shop. It was made in the 016 factory which is known for their "higher QC" requirements. This one must have been given to some family who didn't like having it and just put it away.

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