THIS VIDEO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Students on Education | Motivational Video | Quick Reaction Team

This Video Will Change Your Life! In today’s Quick Reaction Team Video, Students give their opinion on Education and Career. Do watch this motivational video till the very end and share your answers in the comments section below.

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Why Do Girls Love Boys Who Play GUITAR –

Funny Riddles & IQ Test –

Best Gift to Ex Girlfriend –

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  1. OMG this video was so motivational..I literally don't have words to describe how much I loved this video and the lines spoken by the guy who was having problem in speaking Hindi was phenomenal…πŸ‘. QRT u guys are awesome..Hats off to u guys for making such amazing videos for us by working so hard..I could see that it was d afternoon time and filming video in afternoon and that too in delhi where the temperature is 47 or 48..A big salute for this..That's why QRT is d best you tube channel..Thanku for such amazing videos…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘..superb work….✌✌✌..Proud QRTian..☺

  2. Haha yeh srif bateein hain,..Parents ko srif marks chahya..Balkay srif parents ko nahii society aisi bana dii gaii haa ka marks hoon gayy ezat ho ghi..Marks nahii degree nahi too job kidar sa ayy ghii..Sab marks ka peechay bagtay hain kon passion dekhtaa haa paisa dekhtay hain log

  3. I love ur videos the way u present and make .This one was good motivational. I know marks are not that important it's how you have skills and knowledge. I have seen few frnds and me as well we were 50% 60% range in our classes bt now all r well settled with good jobs .I hope u make more motivational videos.

  4. yaar mai bs kahna chahta hu ki jaha English jaruri na ho waha MT use Karo…….. English is only show our education …# but Hindi shows our religion…. so jyada Hindi Me hi baat Karo.

  5. marks are not everything but marks do matter, coz many colleges/companies select people depending on your marks, so it doesn't matter in such cases if you are interested, you need marks to enter that.

  6. at last GPSC and UPSC are importantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ ! goverment bharti's are important! 12 th markshit didn't requires in our life or future😊😊😊😊😊😊

  7. see I appear for cpt after my 12 th class I was very much studious I was doing good but my gf ditch me when I was doing hard work for get cpt pass as she ditch me I though that I lost every thing and instead of studying I start spending my time to get out of it and now exam are just close to me I forget every thing I studied and don't want to do this course but my parents are criticizing me every tym that you wasted our money what should I do

  8. Hy , guys
    My girlfriend's big sister is hitting on me and calling me baby babu janu πŸ™„
    and she even said that she wants to kiss me ??? I'm really nervous what should I do guys πŸ˜₯ ?? I really have no clue

  9. I think so the results, degree etc.
    Are only the first ladder to move to second ladder of your life… That's it.
    After that you have do what you have learned not how much marks you get.. If you are fail doesn't matter. Bcoz doesn't mean that you have not prepared for exam, you are fail for the asked question in paper u don't have answers for it.



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