Trijicon TA44 ACSS 1.5X Compact ACOG Why?

Trijicon TA44 ACSS 1.5X CQB M5 Reticle Optic. What a Surprising Little optic! Collaboration between Trijicon and Primary Arms featuring the ACSS Reticle.

Free QD Mount & Free Shipping using Links Below:

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Red ACSS Reticle and AR-Height Base

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Green ACSS Reticle and AR-Height Base

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Red ACSS Reticle and Low Base

Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG with Green ACSS Reticle and Low Base

Trijicon ACOG 4×32 ACSS Discount Link:×32-scope-with-green-dual-illumination-acss-reticle-ta31-g-acss

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  1. Sootch you tha mannnn ! America !! The only thing keeping me out of trijicon is price. I want an acog but feel that I'm my needs are filled with an Aimpoint pro or m4 and a PA 3x mag. I will be getting one regardless but it's a tough pill to swallow.

  2. If become very rich haha I would love to Build a range were you can rent firearms and also rent optic from the cheap optic aka high end bushnell, nikon,Leopold all the way to Acog and other high cost/quality optics so you can compare and test out before you take a high cost Plunge!

  3. Females typically have narrower shoulders than males (for adults). How does that affect your range estimations. I know the difference is small. (maybe an inch or two) Also one of my sons in law is 6'5" and his shoulders are about 21 inches across. How do you compensate for the size of man/woman? How do you know their size beyond the average? Does it really matter?

  4. I love the optic. The Primary Arms 3x compact prism scope with ACSS reticle is amazing as well but for an AK. My only issue is that the Trijicon is too pricey. I have a Leupold VX-R patrol and a Vortex strike eagle and saved $500+ on the Leupold and $700+ on the Vortex. Downside is the size and weight. I just can't justify the price and will deal with the weight. Both also work with no battery. I want to close with this, if I could afford it, and not feel like I had to sell my kidney to afford it I would absolutely buy it. I would rather save some money and take a class.

  5. got an airsoft sight for $20 on ebay, had it for 2 years no issues. even if i had to buy one every year i would still be in pocket. unless you live in fallujah i see no point spending ridiculous amounts on a red dot. hunting rifle scope? that's another issue but for a red dot, no thanks, i think i will stick to my $20 with free shipping.

  6. You give the best reviews!
    Look forward to your videos.
    I know you put a lot of time in these,
    It is much appreciated!
    Thank you for all you do!!

  7. These look awesome but……..$1,032.00 dollars? I can get two of my favorite Battle Optic Sight is the Steiner M536 and M332 ….$570.99 and $470.00 respectively. AWSOME SCOPES!

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