Vltor ModPod System Review

Vltor ModPod System is a unique Bipod design that attaches to the side of your handguard instead of underneath. It’s strong, stable and adjustable.

Vltor ModPod available at Brownells: https://goo.gl/UyyrX8

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  1. Excellent review, as always! I've been looking for a bi-pod for my AR, but the 45-degree hand rest makes putting one under the rail not possible. It also looks like I can mount it so that I won't need to remove my light. This seems perfect! I didn't know something like this was out there. Another reason that I like your channel!

  2. I always enjoy your reviews, but I have a different question. Your videos always look polished and I see you use a multi camera setup. What editing software do you use? Is it Final Cut Pro 7 or X? Thanks!

  3. This hit the market a few years ago and I remember the airsoft knock offs showed up almost at the same time. Crazy. I was all hot for it until I saw the price. I ended up purchasing a GG&G for about the same price.

  4. This is truly a better use of your manufacturing capabilities. Yes a 180.00 can opener bipod! Ron Popiel must be laughing from the beyond. Of course I can see why they "shelved" the Bren 10mm. Laughable. Hahaha.

  5. Very cool will look on my Grendel with the fde theme my opinion is a lot say it cost to much you can't put a price on stability , granted an atlas will run 1-300$ more for the same stable platform it's all in your application , mine is long range no run and gun or military applications , thanks for showing this off would've never found or seen it 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Did you shoot the gun with the pod in the stowed position. If you did, please elaborate on how it affected the positioning of your​ support hand and differences in your shooting technique ability. Also, do you think it's compatible with a sling. I use a sling to complement my support handarm. Would the stowed support get in the way. My current bipod Stows forward and gets a little heavy. Lately, I have been shooting without the bipod, using my foam rest. Also a Scoocth recommendation. Thanks for those, they are fairly functional. I plan to gorilla glue them to a 1×4 base for stability. One tall. the other short side. I appreciate and enjoy your videos.

  7. Nice , but I still like my Harris for the price and quality. I have seen some bipods at 300 dollars.. lol maybe if I shot a .50 cal but I would not spend 300 dollars on a 5.56

  8. Very cool bipod system for sure. Coming quite close the the cost of a basic Atlas though. Sootch00 – for a pretty nice inexpensive range bipod, you might want to review the Champion MSR Tactical bipod. Runs about $55, is light-weight, uses similar materials and offers one useful feature that the Vltor does not – tilt. I nabbed one and find it a more than suitable tool for range use. Looks pretty cool too – which is always THE most important thing! LOL

  9. Nice find Sootch. been on the fence about adding a bipod to my hunting rifle; this one looks amazing and is light weight.. Gonna have to nab this and do some research! thanks as always for the knowledge

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