AR 15 Premium Upper Build : DIY How to

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: AR-15 Faxon Barrel & BCM KMR Handguard Installation.
Bravo Company USA
AIM Surplus:
HPR Ammo:

Tools: Brownells
Magwell Block
AR Receiver Vise
Torque Wrench
Armorer’s Wrench
Roll Pin Punch
Punch Set
Screw Driver (Flat Head)
File Hammer
Needle Nose Pliers
Wheeler Bench Block
Aero Shell M3 Grease
Ebay Link:

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Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Dear Sootch, I would like to do a build as well…one question: when you are using different products, in your video of this build's case, a different brand colt carrier to the different brand barrel, how do you know that the head spacing will be correct?
    As a newbie, I am fearful of building because of the headspacing thing.

  2. Why the hell do barrel manufacturers ship barrels with gas blocks installed if you just have to unpin them so you can install the barrel nut?

  3. hello, im building my first fire arms and i have the lower reciver done, what kind of upper reciver you are using in this video and will it fit fine on a stag arms lower reciver?

    Thank you for your time

  4. really not suppose to use torque wrench to loosen nuts ,also when you apply the wrench on the end of the torgue wrench it should extend straight out and not at a 90 deg. angle , at the angle you work against the wrench and the torque will not be accurate but in any case sootch00 knows his stuff and a great video as always but being I used to torgue electrical connections as a QC I know my torque wrenches

  5. hey do you build uppers  for others for profit. I am in Pa in my town we don't have any gunsmiths anywhere near me . you can msg me  back

  6. Hey sootch, just bought this barrel for my very first build. Was wonder if the barrel comes pre-dimpled? Do you have to dimple barrel for low profile gas block? In the video you do not mention dimpling the barrel for the gas block set screws. Thanks.

  7. Hi I have been following you for a long time and your videos gave me the courage to build my own AR15. I just finished building it with Ruger 5.56 lower and Patriot complete upper from apoc armory. I tried to put it together but my upper is too tight fit so I really exert alot of force to lock it at the takedown pin. And when I disassemble it same thing it is very hard to take it down. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  8. great video sootch! I just recently picked up 2 stripped lower recievers and on is a multi-caliber receiver. After watching this video, I feel confident to build the upper. I noticed you didn't check for headspace. Is there a reason? awesome videos. subscribed!

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