Blues & Rock Ballads Relaxing Music Vol.5

Blues & Rock Ballads Relaxing Music Vol.5
1- Eric Clapton & Friends – Lies
2- Joe Bonamassa – Blues Deluxe
3- Gary Moore – Midnight Blues
4- ZZ Top – Blue Jean Blues
5- B.B. King – Take Off Your Shoes
6- Chris Rea – Hobo Love Blues
7- Joe Cocker – I Put A Spell On You
8- Blues Attitude – Long Distance Call
9- Snowy White – The Time Has Come
10- The Smoke Wagon Blues Band – Set Me Free
11- John Lee Hooker – Hold On Baby
12- Oscar Benton – Bensonhurst Blues

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  1. i love it when ellen the demo crap says she knows what everyone likes i mean everyone i think he had 3 –4 gold records sold millions of albums of coarse ellen will decide for everyone if they like it .

  2. Rien à dire, t'as le même goût de musique que moi… super choix… est-ce que tu fais des compil sur mesure ? J'aurais une bonne liste de titres à te proposer…

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