Boyds AR 15 Wood Stock Review Install

Boyds AR-15 Laminated Wood Stock Install and Review.
The original video showed a handguard that was not milled to fit, which was an oversite of Boyds. The Hand Guards should fit easily into the mount.
Boyds Gun Stocks:
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  1. This isn't Déjà vu but a revised version of the original video. The hand guards we're missing relief cuts that I made to fit the forend in the first video. They should be easy to install as shown in this video. Thanks!

  2. Very well done video, outstanding for that matter. Speaking to Boyds stocks the fit, finish and quality are without a doubt the finest wood stocks available bar none PERIOD. In the past 3 months have purchased 3 I like wood. Although my go to hunting preference would be my beloved 460 XVR hand cannon a few long guns are in the safe. To make a long story short, my Weathby 300 WSM was the first to be updated with a Boyds thumbhole stock in forest green, opened the box "WOW" the swap out took less then 10 minutes the fit was perfect. Within 2 hours hooked up with Boyds for a thumbhole, in pepper, for my T/C Encore Pro Hunter SS 460 cal, again "WOW oh ya" swap out took a bit longer due to the fact the Pro Hunter has a bull barrel. No issue at all wrapped fine sand paper around a wooden dowel, a few sand strokes later "bingo" perfect fit. Next I ventured into the "Black Rifle" Aramlite Eagle (opened the box at the house) was my choice, as stated I like wood soooooooooo naturally off to Boyds again, went with pepper again (had not even sent a round) send me another stock. Not disappointed. Of course there is always a "knuckle head" in a group "it adds weight" well that was an easy answer OK, 1 your not carrying this up a mountain, 2 it's only 8 ounces, get rid of the 30 round mag, swap to a 20 or 10 then my carbine weighs less then yours and the looks far superior. Describe it as you like, hansom sexy whatever…….. Everyone that has seen it is immediately drawn to it. Wish there was a way to post a image of them.

  3. SO being a AR Newbie,,, is the AR Riffle Buffer & Spring Different than the 6 position Spring & Buffer???
    I Really Gotta have that Wood Stock Set up Especially since it will be going on my BCMG AR 762.39 conversion Upper With a Carry Handel.
    And is there a Bayonet that will work on that? The Upper from Classic Firearms is set up Just like yours With the Bayonet Lug O just don't know about the clearance from the barrel end & the Lug

  4. I love the look of the wood stock.But the reason to not use it is the weight factor.With that being said I think since I have 5 AR15's I will put a wooden on one of mine to look different just like this one.Thanks Sootch.Good Video

  5. I like the stock well done, be kind to your wife and kid they are not weak. Try to tuffen em up, is dangerous you could break their spirit. He will natrualy get into his own trouble and fight his way out be it administration such as law or other realms your wife is a sweet hart. you be the only badass. Let them be

  6. I LIKE THE IDEA! I'm not too opposed to the laminate, but i think it would look so much cleaner if it was just a solid wood. Oh and btw, do you know what the length of pull is? Good video Sootch, just subed, but honestly shoulda subbed long ago. You're straight to the point with no added B.S. It makes watching these videos a pleasure.

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