Brownells AR Dream Gun Part 2 MagPul UBR and VZ Grip Install

Brownells Dream Gun Part 2: Magpul UBR Stock and VZ Grip Install.

Brownells Dream Gun Page:

BCM AR-15:

Magna Tip Screw Driver Set
Bondhus T-Handle Hex Wrench Set
Magpul Armorer’s Wrench
Magpul Bev Block

Aeroshell 33MS Gun Grease:

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  1. Thinking about getting a ubr for my next build. I've watched your earlier video on the Ubr when you used a mallet to snap it on. Did you need it again with this build or did the screw tension snap it on? Love your videos! Keep em coming!

  2. Still don't understand why viewers have an issue with payment from companies within the industry. Whether they do or do not pay you is irrelevant and it simply shouldn't matter. You work hard to bring us quality videos and frankly it's no one else's business. Your contacts with industry leaders and businesses comes from the years of hard work you have put into this channel. I for one, think that you should get paid by the companies that you help to promote.

    You are a man of honesty and integrity, and therefore your reviews of a product, whether they be paid or not; will still be honest and forthright. You have said it time and time again, that you don't review products you personally do not like. It's just a waste of time and I completely agree.

    Alas, some people out there just never seem to be happy unless they're unhappy and *others feel the same.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    *EDITED for misspelling.

  3. Thanks shipmate, good video.   I am VERY interested in an ergonomic stock for my Ruger AR-556.  The standard stock is just not getting it, well for me.  The 'cheek rest' is small and hard, just uncomfortable
    Suggestions please …
    God Bless

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