CZ 512 American 22 Magnum Semi Auto Rifle

The CZ 512 American Rifle in 22 Magnum.

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CZ USA Website:

Model 512 American Webpage:

Wheaton Arms:

Federal Premium Ammo:

Steel Targets:

Rifle Rest:

Ironclad EXO Gloves:

EZ2C Targets:

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Comment (259)

  1. I still, while you can`t dispute it's extra zap vs a quality 22lng semi, can't be swayed into purchasing a 22mag. no question this is a sweet rifle but my 10/22 or my remington 552 tube feed do basically the same job much much cheaper. especially using auglia or cci`s. nice gun but a luxury. hey ….you got the extra cash ? enjoy !

  2. plastic magwell. mag release will malfunction due tothe release will bind and spring will become useless. invest another $100.00 for aluminum magwell and mag release extension and it would be a good not great rifle

  3. Michael Bell's CZ 512 review shows the bolt using two recoil spring rather than one. I wonder if CZ changed the action sometime after his review, done in 2016

  4. Could you please be more specific on the CZ rings you utilized on the gun. Do you have the part number or model of the rings? I am having trouble finding the right rings. Thank you!

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