EDC or Everyday Carry 2015

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: EDC 2015 Everyday carry. All items and reviews listed below.
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Magplates: http://www.magplates.com/product-p/ptc-rbr-tmstch-clr.htm

Benchmade Barrage Review:

Olight S10R Baton Review:

Reactor Watch review:

Technaclip Website: http://technaclip.com/

Talon Gun Grips: http://talongungrips.com/

Jackson Leather Works: http://jacksonleatherwork.com/
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMykHRW4ZQY

Glock G27 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68epOKeo7M8

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Sootch! Love your vids man! High quality and great info! Keep up the great work! EDC for me is G19 w/Trijicon RMR with talon grips and Serpa holster. 1 spare mag, Casio G-Shock watch, CRKT mini knife on neck chain, Surefire tac light & 5.11 Tanto fighting knife. Good to go…God Bless America, Long live the Republic!

  2. sootch,if u want your phone to last long as hell I'm talking a day of heavy use + u should look into zerolemon battery/case system for ur phone.i love mine it's a 10200mah battery with bomb proof case had it for almost a year now an I get a day of heavy use an a week + of light use

  3. Gshock gw 6900 super reinforced with dual polyethylene glass protector /back plate. Ganzo g 704 g. Fenix ld10 plus. Olight i3s black. Sawfly generating 2 super ballistic shades. Card knife. Card magnifier. Eneloop aaa. Glass breaker (winter). High performance moto g generation 1.

  4. glock 19 with bravo concealment owb holster.
    some times sig sauer p938 with alien gear iwb.
    kershaw emerson pocket knife.
    streamlight pen light.
    ball cap with browning hat light.
    bic lighter.
    zebra stainless steel pen 0.7mm.
    cobra riggers belt.
    paracord bracelet.
    and custom made kydex wallet with money clip… looking to get a key organizer soon!! love your channel sootch00 keep doing what your doing.

  5. Sold my Glock 42 and purchased an LCP…installed a Galloway Custom trigger and Talon grips. Best edc decision I've ever made..Dare I say, perfect carry gun.

  6. I rotate in and out a glock26, rugerlc9sPRO, kahr cw380, and a smith and Wesson 642. And keep a glock 19 in my truck.
    I usually keep the 380 and 38 spcl as backups to my 9. I only carry a backup when its convienent or going into a bigger city or movie theater or going out at night.

  7. I'm surprised how many preppers and EDC folks use quartz watches. I would think an automatic would make a lot more sense. No battery, swiss autos are incredibly reliable, and on the lower end can be had for a fairly affordable price. You can get a nice Victorinox used auto for 2-300 bucks. I wear an Omega Planet Ocean. Built like a tank, and has a movement that won't have to be serviced for at LEAST 5 years.

  8. LEATHERMAN KNIVE!! I can't believe more people don't choose to carry one!? Sure it's no Benchmade knife to show off to your friends. But it is a knife… And 20 other things.

  9. I carry a g19 two extra mags, spyderco knife, olight s1 baton, h&k neck knife, ruger lcp custom and extra mag for it. also things on my key ring

  10. Weapon: Glock 19, w/spare mag, G-code IncogKnife: ZeroTolerance S30V or Benchmade Mini GriptillianLight: StreamLight ProTac 2LWallet: HumnBelt: Crossbreed Leather or SOE EDC belt with cobra buckleWatch: G-ShockPhone: iPhone 6s Plus

  11. Glock, 40 magazines, belt, machete, folding knife, axe, shovel, spot light, sure fire, lighter, one boot and one shoe. All this in my pants pocket! Lol

  12. @shootch00 Hey is the cz rami a little smaller than the glock 26 or are they around the same size. Second which do you prefer the CZ rami on the Glock 26?

  13. Your watch may need a modest upgrade.  I upgraded my digital Timex Expedition watch (a Christmas gift) to 24-Hour mode, a NATO watchband in black tactical nylon (James Bond uses the watchband) and a name brand button compass by Suunto from REI.  The folding knife of choice is still the SOG Trident in TiNi black and set up for left hand carry and do not need to open to cut Seatbelts, twine on bales of hay or bash the head of a zombie (so I do not have cut up hands like "Nutnfancy") !  The pen of choice is the Maxpedition tactical pen that uses the Fisher Space Pen Refill and the Zebra F-701 converted to a Space Pen.  The pen is mightier than the sword.  And sometimes carry in the right front pant pocket the Fenix PD32 LED flashlight that uses two CR123 or one 18650 battery.  The pen and the light I read are good DNA collectors.  Recently upgraded my clamshell cell phone to the Mil. Spec. Sprint Kyocera Duramax that meets or exceeds Military Standard 810G and IP67 Certified.  The phone has a micro USB charging port and eight (8) hours of talk time for the chatty types !  Thank you for the great video !  tjl

  14. Developed this system throughout the year. My EDC:
    -Imminent Threat Solutions EDC medical kit
    -Emerson Karambit
    -BenchMade SOCP
    -black SPI-belt (holds handcuff keys for illegal restraint, and cash in small denominations)
    -cheap small walmart led light
    -Glock 19 (needs a weapon light)
    -Gerber Dime
    -Orange REI Carabiner with keys
    – Way of the Gun EDC belt (capable of carrying extra pistol mag)
    -College backpack
    -Water bottle

    some ideas for yall!

  15. To: Sooth00 – You have a nice watch. Right now if you are interested the Dollar Tree Store is having $1 Paracord bracelets in a variety of colors. I did a review on the bracelet on my channel.

  16. Couldn't agree more on the LCP VS LC9 (and every other "pocket" 9mm) If I'm going to carry anything bigger than the LCP, it's going IWB – may as well carry a G26 for shootability and more ammo. LCP is different enough to serve another purpose.

  17. 1. Gerber Evo Serrated folder.2. Gerber Multi-tool.3. Mini-Mag4. Timex Ironman. I don't break 'em, I lose 'em.5. Samsung Galaxy 5S.6. 3 pens of various makes.7. No pistol cuz I can't carry on post.

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