Faxon Firearms AR-15 Dissipator Style Barrel Assembly Review (HD)

Barrel link: https://goo.gl/tRzyau (code M6U gets you $30 off $300 or more currently)

Faxon prong flash hider: https://goo.gl/1AYUAy

Shirt link: https://goo.gl/yf9DaV (code mrgunsngear10 gets you 10% off)







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  1. Man that mini M16A1 build is cool. So if I get triangular A1 handguards, will they fit on the supplied handguard cap? Are they different than the round A2 handguard?

  2. My first AR was a factory bushmaster dissipator! Got it during the Clinton ban so it lacks all those scary features like a threaded muzzle and bayonet lug.

  3. That moment when you drink copious amounts of water but don't have to piss because you're sweating so much. You really need a shade tent man, not that it would help with humidity but at least keep you out of the sun.

    Mrgunsngear: Ok mom

  4. I thought the whole point of the dissipator was to have rifle length iron sights with a shorter 16" barrel? But then you end up with an A3 flattop upper and mount optics? Does it become more of a novelty at that point with all the other options in barrel/gas length set ups? I have one of the OLD Bushmaster Carbine gas length HB dissipator with A2 upper. Great rifle.

  5. Funny how time repeats itself (with the 3 prong flash suppressor) your using. That was a non-no during Vietnam days. Because the prongs would catch on vegetation when walking in the jungle. Just thought I'd pass on that old history.

  6. As a dinosaur for whom the carbine (or pistol 🙁 ) front sight is hard to focus on, the rifle-length sight plane is highly desirable. Irons are fun, and nice to have if an optic dies or gets knocked askew.

  7. I wonder how much lead you've spread out all over that dudes crop land over the years. Fortunately it looks like he's a tobacco farmer and not food consumables.

  8. Have you seen the dpms tac2? Its styled after the dissipater but with an actual rifle gas system. Real smooth, stupid heavy but reliable from what ive experienced personally.

  9. Uugh! I hate to be a "Debbie Downer", but I can't stand seeing all theses reviews on "Dissipators" that aren't really Dissipators. Can we see some real ones please?? I can't stand feeling I'm the only person who has built and actually owns a Dissipator. I know there are in fact people who own them, but I hardly ever see new youtube videos where someone has actually bought/built a Dizzy and rockin it in the field or at the range…WHY MEEEEEEEE?!!!!

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