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I think it is very difficult to find trauma classes across the country. So I am starting a new project, This website should hopefully make it easier for everyone to find trauma classes. Students and instructors will be able to post information. Some of the classes that will be listed with be TCCC, TECC, Stop the Bleeding, BCON, first care provider, and other trauma classes.

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  1. After my contract in the military expired, so did my U.S. Army CLS (Combat Life Saver) training based on the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) standard. I tried looking up TCCC and they are, of course, aimed at professionals. I want training with some of the similar situations that TCCC addresses, but as a civilian (or good samaritan) perspective to keep my training fresh. I'm not looking to break the bank with a full-blown professional TCCC class, so would a trauma medical class be appropriate for what I'm looking for? BLS (Basic Life Support), last I took such training, doesn't address use of tourniquets or hemostatic products like QuikClot, so I'd like some guidance as to what I as a now-civilian with an adventurous spirit would be suitable.

  2. This is awesome!!!! I actually asked my wife who is a nurse if I could come to your classes and she of course said no because of the distance and that they have trauma classes here that would be easier. Your new website is perfectly timed!!! Blessings on this new endeavor guys!!!

  3. Hi Skinny Medic ! Love your videos. I just ordered a kit, CAT , several individual items from your website. Thanks so much for doing what you do. I called my buddy on buying knock-off tourniquets and he had no clue all the kits he had had fake tourniquets in them. May I recommend you sell the blood type, NKA patches as well. Thanks again.

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