Gen 4 Glock 17 FS (Front Serrations) Full Size 9mm Pistol Review

I go over the new Glock 17 FS, what’s new compared to a Gen4 Glock 17, and what I think of the pistol overall.

Safariland holster:

Glock 17 FS link:

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  1. Now if they'd just make the Gen 5 G20 with FS and an updated/revised MOS option I might have to buy one… My wife absconded with my G19 when I went to my P-07v2 but I stumbled on a G19FS on special for only $10 over the "regular" Gen 4 so I swooped it up and now I'm back to carrying a G19 part time. I like the FS models, they should have added the serrations to the Gen 5, it's better to have and not need then need and not have IMO.

  2. I got the 19FS and it's been great! I'm not interested in Gen 5 so the FS is basically perfect for me. Might put the regular Gen 4 mag release in though, the rounded one doesn't engage quite as well.

  3. I'm surprised that the subject states still allow manufacturers to provide three mags (no matter how low the capacity) with dangerous black, super-handguns.

  4. Loving all the armchair designers and haters chiming in……..While not the sexiest striker fired pistols, they are still the king of reliability, after market options, and owner loyalty. Without Glock's success in striker fired pistols our choices and innovations in handguns over the last 25 years would be far less.

  5. I like the grooves on my G19. The sights, I like that they are as cheap as possible, since everyone changes them to their preferences anyway. Better to save that cost up front and get what you want, IMO.

  6. I have to say out of all the gun Channels I watch you have the best buffer music :)… If I want front serration g17, my local shop has Gen 4 G17 police trade in in pristine condition for 325. I am going to grab one of those and get the brownells slides you turned me on too

  7. amen on that extended slidelock. I had it on all my guns until i really started training heavy with it and just as you said, the size of my hand and the way i grip the pistol caused me to engage the slidelock multiple times when i still had rounds in the mag. immediately i took it off and put the factory one back on. I guess for some people its nice but i dont want it!!

  8. Gotta be honest, I am a little disappointed in Glock since I picked up a G17 Gen 4 with FS last week, a few days before they make the Gen 5 announcement.  Figured when they released the FS models earlier this summer there was no way we were going to see a Gen 5 this calendar year.

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