Glock 42 380 acp Pistol Full Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Glock Model 42 in 380 acp. The smallest Glock and excellent handgun for Concealed carry.

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  1. I just cant wait to get my g42.. I hear that it has very good ballistics with precision one ammo with good penetration that can meet fbi standards of 12 inches which is good for a .380.. Carrying a shield now but when I get my hands on a g42 that will be my carry gun…

  2. My 42 is still breaking me in.  I don't have enough confidence in my "manual of arms" with it  yet to use as an EDC.  For whatever reason I'm NOT happy with magazine changes.  It seems that I cannot dismount the magazine with my hand anywhere on the grip.  I wish you'd gone through magazine changes in more detail.

  3. Great video and review as always. This has been my primary every day carry for about 2 years now. I definitely never carry FMJ' s in .380 though. They definitely can over penetrate. Check out Underwood XTP's if you haven't already. My question for you is where did you get those grips for your LCP?!? I love em! Also did tour's come like that or did you polish the slide? Best looking Gen 1 LCP I've seen. My wife just got her concealed carry permit and I plan to get her the new LCP II. Anyways I'm a long time subscriber and love all your videos. Keep em coming Sootch!

  4. you know what kill me my elderly mother for all of her life has carried around a 10 pound purse but for some reason men cannot conceal carry a full size handgun lol makes no sense….

  5. What you say about the LCP is so true. The Glock 42 is smooth and has almost no recoil–pretty amazing. The Ruger LCP nearly jumps out of your hand. However, the LCP II–which I own–is much improved: less recoil, better fit in the hand. It is still snappy and primitive (relative terms) when compared to the Glock 42.

  6. Mine has fired virtually every round I've fed it. Ball & jhp, cheap & premium ammo. Not one single problem with the gun. It has operated 100% with over 1,000 down range. It has also worked flawlessly with the Ghost Edge 3.5lb connector. It didn't really lighten the trigger a lot, but it smoothed it along with the .25 trigger job. The trigger is lighter. Its a great little gun.

  7. My 70+ yr. old Mom has some arthritis in her hands. I have a Colt. Gov't Model .380 (which I love) but she can't fire more than a dozen rounds from it due to pain in her hands. She tried one of these at a gun store and fired a full box of 25 with no issues at all. She's buying one this weekend. 😉

  8. does anyone know if the magazine release can be switched for left handed shooters like on other gen 4 glocks? im really considering a glock 42 right now. thanks in advance

  9. Thanks for stating what most of us already know.

    The smaller the gun is the less shootable it is. This kind of honesty is so important. So if you want a very small gun to carry, in order to be accurate and effective, you need to do a lot of practice.

  10. I love my 42. It is simply the best shooting 380 I have ever held. You will dump the entire mag on target if you are reasonably skilled at all, and with some underwood xtreme penetrators you will do plenty of damage to stop the threat. Plus it is a joy to shoot so you will practice with it.

  11. I am a jogger (sometimes) is this an easy weapon run with you on your hip? It's hot here in FL and looking to run with something light and not bouncing all around my G26 is NOT the answer lol. Looking for suggestions, anyone know anything about the TCP 380?

  12. # 1 night sights! then trigger bar then, vickers over sized slide stop. and now I and you will hove a amazing little. 380. l have had 4 .380 little pistols , the 42 by far is the finest! ! !

  13. I got rid of my S&W Bodyguard .380 because I hated shooting it. Loved the size of it though. I'm thinking about getting one of these. Hearing that it's a little heavier might make it better to shoot than the Bodyguard.

  14. I was excited when I heard Glock was finally importing a 380, but I was disappointed when I heard it only held six rounds. I would have figured Glock to manufacture this compact with a round count parallel with the twentyfirst century rather than the day of Doc Holliday. Come on Glock, give us at least thirteen rounds, this is 2017!

  15. Glock 42 is not a pocket gun it is a holster gun. I think I would opt for a compact 9mm or even a 38 special revolver over this glock. I think the Why Bother title was spot on. Sure you could change what you are going to wear to suit the gun but does that make sense? If you wear enough you can conceal a service pistol.

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