Halo Chest Seals

Halo Chest Seals are used for penetrating trauma (gun shot wound or knife wound) or sucking chest wounds. I will show you when to apply a chest and also how to apply the Halo Chest Seals.

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Comment (38)

  1. I personally carry an Ascherman Chest Seal because I do like the hands off venting ability but still remeber using the petroleum gauze packaging technique. I always chuckle at new medics and EMS-A's who carry a batman belt and the volunteers who pack everything they can into their jumbags because the single best piece of equipment to carry and rely on is the grey stuff between ones ears. I will take knowledge and experience over the greatest equipment in the world. Enjoy the channel and recomend it to all my family and friends who inevitably ask me for medical advice or to teach them how to do stuff.

  2. If a person had a wound in their chest cavity, how likely is it they'd drown from bleeding in their lungs? How long do you think somebody could survive with this seal?

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Skinny Medic, as a civilian here in my country we don't have much education about First Responding, Trauma situations or common stuff at work or house etc.

    So once again thanks so much !
    Be safe

  4. Another great video as always, but I have a (not so serious) comment and a (more serious) question. Comment first. When you said that it is really sticky all I could think about was Flex Tape. I mean if it works underwater and can tape a boat back together it should stick to chest hair too, right? (Here lately it feels like I see that commercial every ten minutes!)

    Now for the more serious question. You said it works for chest hair, but what if the victim is a lady? How do you deal with breasts?

  5. what is c spine state and why is it important to not move the patient if they have spinal damage? what if their airway is closed or blocked, does the recovery position work?

  6. I would like to see a video of how to treat a gun wound where all the insides are coming out, what do i do? How do i clean the area? And if you use chest seal how you can put that with all that blood around? Can you do it with only one hand? I need to buy those seals and just train i think xD

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