HK45 Compact 45 ACP Pistol Review

HK45 Compact 45 ACP Pistol.

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  1. My local police department recently switched from the Glock 21 to the HK 45. The reason given was the better durability of the HK. The police chief claimed that the average service life of the Glock was 4 years. That claim surprised me. and was controversial in the local media. I suspect that the local police put a lot of rounds through their pistols at the range, though, and that the heavy recoil of the .45 ACP is hard on them. Glock was originally designed around the 9mm after all. Maybe they are using +P+ ammo, too, I don't know. The switch was controversial because the department has to supply 800 officers, and the expense required a special allotment of funds from the city council. But the chief got his guns. His argument was that purchasing the HK's would be more cost effective in the long run because they estimated that the service life would be 10 years. I have pistols that I have shot for 20+ years, and they haven't broken, or worn out, but then maybe I don't shoot as much as our police.

  2. I like everything about mine except for the recoil spring. You always hear about it being good for 20k rounds when in reality I started getting FTRB at 5-6k rounds. I figure between 4.5-5k rounds ball and another 1k rounds split between defensive ammo and suppressed use.

  3. Sootch another great review! You have very good taste when it comes to handguns. I'am definitely considering buying one of these H&K's 45's and you just closed the deal for me. I'am looking forward to the day I can escape from behind enemy lines. I live in New Yorkistan and your video's give me hope our country will survive!

  4. German made 2016 HK45C! Hmmm. Thought 2010 was the last year for German made HK45C in the US. Putting the medium back strap on greatly reduced the muzzle flip for me… firmer contact against the web of my hand. Softest 45ACP I've shot.

  5. Sootch you have the best gun videos on youtube by far. Thanks for all the good relevant (and correct) info and also well done video!

  6. meh, i have an hk45ct (which is the ACTUAL mk24 mod 0, not the version you have) and the trigger is GODAWFUL, no matter if in DA or SA. plus, its a "BD"-date code, so it has the 'false reset' issue. ive been too lazy to send it back.

  7. I'm always going to be extremely grateful that youtubers check the chamber, because i'd hate for the firearm to shoot me through my display monitor.

  8. I've never seen another HK owner at the range, they're kind of rare in the wild. Nobody has turned down the opportunity to shoot mine and they're usually pleasantly surprised.

    The internet loves to hate on this brand (overpriced, tacticool/mall-ninja, because you suck, et cetera) but I think a lot of folks would actually really appreciate them if they got to spend some time with one at the range. IMO they're worth the price for the quality, precision, and refinement you get.

  9. The HK45 and USP-45 will devour any ammo they are fed, though you will have to clean it after using TulAmmo (but that's the ammo's fault). The polygonal barrel scores points for its ease of cleaning, as there are no groves in the barrels to foul up. The recoil buffer system in the HK and USP mitigates both recoil, and muzzle flip. It also softens any stresses on the frame. I love the de-cocking/safety system on both the USP and HK45 (The HK45 is and evolutionary step extending from the USP-45 series.) Personally, I prefer full frame versions, but both the USP Compact, and the HK45 Compact are stellar guns, that are solidly built, reliable, and easy to operate. I would love to buy an HK45. HK earns two thumbs up from me.

    Once again, you deliver another great gun review, Sootch. I hope you enjoy your HK45, and EDC with it.

  10. It's about time sootch00! LOL!! You finally highlighted another awesome HK pistol! I've been waiting on this from you for a while. I'm a HK fanboy owning the VP9, P30, P30sk, and I absolutely love my 45c. It's my main CCW. I'm a lefty so to me, the ambidextrous features of the HK and the "paddle" magazine release in particular is incredible to me! Great review as always my man. I can't wait to see your videos and reviews on more HK's…the cream of the crop to me!

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