Depending on the type of burn you are treating will determine the treatment plan. Make sure you stop the burning process and keep the wound clean.

Category of burns:
First degree – superficial burn
Second degree – partial-thickness
Third degree – full thickness

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  1. If you use the plant Aloe Vera that works great for burns, but the active ingredients break down so quickly that by the time any thing that says "aloe vera" reaches the store it is just a marketing gimmick.

  2. For sunburn's my family as always used Noxzema i know it may sound weird but try it its awesome. After a day in the sun and you get burnt take a shower that night and when you get out dry off and put the noxzema on let it dry by the morning you will have no pain its a great little trick. My wife thought i was nuts when i made her do it the first time now she swears by it

  3. Awesome video! I recently got a ~3% second degree burn working on a motorcycle. I'm glad to know that I treated it correctly. Long term, though, I would not recommend using the petroleum dressings on the wound. After the second day or so, those dressings started to stick to the wound despite their petroleum impregnation. The telfa type pads seemed to work much better!

  4. I got burnt back in the winter with hot antifreeze when i went to the er the stupid dr cut the blisters off it got infected and like to never healed even after i told him not to lesson learned

  5. sugar heals wounds also it steals the water from the wound that bacteria needs to survive. good for bed sores too

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