Jimenez Arms JA 9 Pistol Review Budget or Junk

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Jimenez Arms JA 9 Pistol Review Budget or Junk? Jimenez Arms has been making low cost handguns since 2004 but had a long history with the original Jennings firearms. We’re going to see if this is a good budget option or just plain junk.

Jimenez Arms: http://jimenezarmsinc.com/

Federal Premium Ammunition: https://www.federalpremium.com/

Torso Target: https://rubberdummies.com/

EZ2C Targets: http://www.ez2ctargets.com/

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  1. I've seen a lot of your videos & your a Great Shot & Straight on Target ! However this gun just isn't for you ✌This Gun little crooked in hand thus making you off target, I wonder how many are affected in the same way shooting this gun ?

  2. I wonder why not aluminum instead of slush metal (zinc ). Is there that much difference in price?
    I have its little brother a JA-32 used unfired 2 mags in the box with the book and a box of Sellier & Bellot 7.65 Browning, $125 bucks for my young mouse gun collection.

  3. Jimenez is an offshoot of the old Raven .25 ACP as I recall. Back in the early 70s, I encountered a number of people who carried or depended on the Raven due to cost. The .25 is not my idea of a great defensive round but I have seen many people in the 70s die from this weapon. Young gangbangers had them. I have spoken with many low income people who lived in the area where I worked they would often ask about defensive rounds and firearms. In those days, the RG .38 was popular in 2 & 4 inch barrels and were not expensive considering. At least you had the power of the .38 Special cartridge and for 49.00 to 69.00 dollars. The Ravens and Titan .25 ACP were priced in those days around $29.00 to $39.00. I will say this though. It has been my experience in responding to shooting calls with these firearms mentioned, they functioned. For strictly defense and where you aren't going to fire a box of cartridges every week, they worked fine. I have known a few people living the area who are alive because of these inexpensive firearms and some known little gangsters who are now a thing of the past. Not everybody could afford a Smith or Colt. RG, Arminius, Raven, Jennings and a few others were what people could afford and materials used to make them were not top quality, as I mentioned, they functioned. Scootch is right. He showed the Jimenez as a reliable semi auto at $170.00, same as the Hi Point. For defense of the home or your person where money is a huge consideration, at least you do not have to go without protection at minimal cost.

  4. I am always amazed by the idiots that have to give their negative comments. BTW, Kia has come a long way and is very comparable to Japanese quality. But obviously, everyone on here is a gun expert and has their own gun channel. Great video sootch00!

  5. I am waiting on a new one from my dealer, all chrome, $185.00, after tax. My first one was 5 years old, used & abused. I cleaned it up, put tennis racket wrap on the grip, polished the feed ramp, rounded off the takedown button because it bites a little, and deburred it. The only thing it didn't eat was bulk Federal FMJ, but my wife's gun didn't like it, either (too long). The slides are on backorder; they told my dealer they are having production problems, which tells me they are trying hard for quality.

  6. A fair, impartial review. Paul Jimenez moved his operation from CA to NV because his guns couldn't meet CAs new safety requirements; especially the one that forbids a hole down the barrel. OK, I made up the hole thing but the rest is true.

  7. My JA9 was garbage and jammed on every round. Most of the reviews I read about the JA they have the same problem. They also have a bad history. Mine was older maybe yours is newer and more reliable.

  8. The machining marks on the inside of the slide almost made me throw up. What a disgusting little pistol. It's a miracle that this company still exists.

  9. My god I get the appeal of a discount gun but why does it seem like sometimes they go out of their way to make shit horrible? That front sight looks atrocious.

  10. The Davis .380 was one of the worst Ring of Fire guns. At the last auction, City of Phoenix PD turned loose a whole bunch of Phoenix Arms, Jennings, Raven, Davis, Rohm, Bryco, Norinco, Astra, Arcadia Machine Tool, all the good classic Sat Spec stuff! They even let loose some Tec 9s, and M10, M11s, (open bolt). Sat Spec, not Mil Spec. LOL Zamak is pot metal. Jimminez a "keep it in the spare tire well of the car, or under the back seat cushion". So is Hi Point. My Sig is not crazy about Golden Sabers, but Ranger or HST 147 grain is 1 hole from 15 yards. Cheap guns have come a long way, much like cheap guitars.

  11. Jennings was the .25ACP ribsticker of choice for decades. .22LR use CCI Stingers, maybe red box ultra-velocity Winchester, or (good luck) Aguila ultra velocity, but Aguila burns very dirty.

  12. Just bought this used today for $89. (I see a gun for under $100, I just gotta have it! I don't know why.) I put a box of 50 of the cheapest crap I could find through it, and… surprisingly it was reliable. No malfunctions whatsoever. The rifling was pretty worn, but the grouping for me was dinner-plate size at 8 yards. That's good enough for hitting a vital organ. People may call this gun "junk", and so it may be that in comparison to other guns, but you know what? You shoot a home intruder across a room, and he's not going to care if it's a Glock or HK or Kahr or whatever. A 9mm hitting the body is still a 9mm, regardless of the platform it's being shot from. I"m not telling people to go rely on this gun for self-defense, but it certainly is a viable option. $89 dollars well spent!

  13. was torn between the tokarev and hi point now I think I'm torn between the tokarev and ja9 the only think having me lean more to these cheap guns is you can keep one in chamber as tok not really a good idea

  14. I rather have a hi-point!

    True story but I had this gun in .380 back in 2007, I was dry firing it and the firing pin broke. I called Jimenez and explain, they sent me a new firing pin for free. The Guy was extremely kind, very kind.

  15. My two cents: I had a JA380 for a little while and sold it. In retrospect I wish I had kept it. I used it to get my concealed carry license because the thing was super accurate and fairly reliable…I say fairly because in the first 250 or so rounds I put through it, I had two fail to eject/feeds. However, I used as cheap an ammo as I could buy…steel cased crap. I did go in and polish the feed ramp after my first trip to the range and never had any more issues. I sold it and used the money to buy something a little smaller in size and bigger in caliber to carry. I also sold it in part because I had bought into the negative hype about these firearms. Truth is, it could have set in my truck console and been a fantastic self defense weapon. In my LTC test it put 47 of 50 rounds within a 2" circle. I had three flyers that could probably have just as easily been me as the firearm/ammo, but even then they were within 5" of point of aim…..and my shots were at 3,7, and 15 yards….with all the flyers at 15. It made me look like a pro when it was the first pistol I had ever had. …. one large ragged hole in the X ring. I bought it used for $90 online, shipping included. It was definitely worth that, and I DO have sellers remorse. It would have been a fun gun to keep. Oh well.

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