Legal Full Auto? Franklin Armory BFSIII Binary AR Trigger

The Franklin Armory BFSIII Binary Trigger.

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The BFSIII Binary Trigger installs just like a Mil Spec Trigger without a proprietary Bolt Carrier. Sweet!

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Comment (1,761)

  1. Had a roommate she competed nationally in Paintball tournaments. With a standard trigger he could put these guys to shame, with this trigger he would likely be as fast as a true full-auto!

  2. What about an accessory device that attaches to the binary trigger where the device manipulates the binary trigger faster than any human is capable of!
    Maybe a spring loaded device!
    Push the button and bzzzzzzzz burn your barrel!

  3. man I can't be thinking about anything other than the task at hand in a shtf situation. auto is great for quick cover and spray & pray, but even then you need to be thinking about where your shooting and how, not finding the rhythm of a trigger to put a seat out there. we just need a burst set up to be legal an cut the crap

  4. I don't think F Troop is going to allow this in the long run. Semi auto is defined, as we all know, as one per trigger depression. This is two per pull.

  5. techncly not full auto. just a new firing method. like this one. but I think it be better for the vector because it can get four rounds in a tight group that way.

  6. with full auto I imagine you can anticipate the recoil and manage the muzzle rising but with this binary it looks the body can't anticipate it , in full auto the cycle is the same but in this binary trigger the cycle of the finger is hazardous , specially if you spent the night fingering your girlfriend.

  7. Nice ghetto hold.  This is an NFA item (I do not agree with the existence of the NFA).  More than one bullet fired on a single trigger pull = NFA.

  8. Never ever drill out a gas port, the more sustained fire the hotter the bore get's it will become like a torch inside the barrel and burn itself open to a larger size all by itself.

  9. I hate idiots who put legal full auto on their videos. reason being you have fucking morons writing and calling the ATF asking if they can use this product to circumvent the nfa. so of course we will be having a letter coming out in a few months about these systems because people can't stop asking stupid questions and people keep using exaggerated titles for click bait.

  10. I do not see this selling much due to the cost. However, I do see this adding fuel to the fire in the battle over "assault rifles" Just my opinion.

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