Medical Presentation at Threats and Solutions Conference

I had the opportunity to present with MrMadMick. I provided information on my first aid items that I recommend and Mr Mad Mick provided his ides for improvised first aid items.

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  1. Awesome man. fyi I had a doc shove a tampon up my nose once. They were called "Rhino Rocket". He taped the string to my cheek and said, welp you're good to go. I was like oh hell no. Not going out in public like this. So I sat there for an hour until the bleeding stopped. Oh and it hurt like hell having it shoved up my sinus cavity.

  2. Good presentation with a lot of useful information however I would caution you guys about being too dramatic when it comes to very severe wounds in an austere environment. Human beings are tough creatures especially when they believe they can survive. You gave everybody the impression that a traumatic amputation means they're dead and that's not doing them a service.

  3. hey skinny i have a question, could i make an improvised chest seal if i used a tegaderm strip? little tight on money and was wondering if it could work because i have plenty of tegaderm

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