New CZ P10C 9mm Strikerfire Pistol Review

The New CZ P10C 9mm Strikerfire Pistol.

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  1. I had one for a few days then sold it because of a few "issues" that CZ needs to fix such as the extremely difficult slide stop. It takes both hands to get the slide stop to function and the magazine release is just as difficult. Hopefully the next gen of P-10c pistols will have those issues fixed.

  2. I was able to handle one today, in all honesty I feel there was so much hype I was somewhat let down, the trigger to me felt like the ruger sr9, the slide stop was so hard to actuate it was annoying. The grip felt great to me as a cz should, the weight felt good, balance was nice, the length of trigger pull seemed really short and my hands aren't necessarily big. I think I'll stick with my p-01.

  3. I had the mag drop issue by the first time I shoot p-10c. Should have paid attention to my grip. I also find out that the slide and frame fitting is very loose, compared to Glock. I can even hear the wabbling when I shake the gun. In terms of accuracy it is pretty good. After the first mag I can shoot 4'' groups at 25 yard. The trigger is impressive.

  4. read the owners manual, there's 3 different models of the P-10 that they give specs on, including a P-10 S that's 12+1 in 9mm, so there's your subcompact that you mentioned you were hoping for….you're welcome

  5. Ok. Glock . You've waited too long. We have been asking all along. You asked for it. You got it. Welcome CZ P10C. CAN'T WAIT to get one! Glock Summer Special….Boring..Come on CZ . Hurry up ! Produce More

  6. Just a quick question Sootch00 on your personal opinion. If you can have only one gun > CZ P10C or HK P30 V3 ?:) (Buying my first and only personal every-day-carry gun, i am shooting my service CZ75D for 8 years)

  7. sootch00, CZ must have made some changes from the pre-production model you received, as the trigger on the model I just received is nowhere near the best polymer trigger, several poor machining areas such as the rear dovetail that is shaped like a funnel. All things considered, a choice I now regret and will likely sale.

  8. Well, I am about ready to give up on getting a P-10. The only people I know are getting  a P10C are gun reveiwers on youtube. I am leaning towards a  Canik SPSF Elite, nice gun and I wont have to wait anymore. Sorry, as my name says, CZ Freak

  9. When you load up to go out for your topical day. I can't help but wonder with all your firearm options, do you experience stress about your choice similar to getting a new weapon?

  10. Fantastic review. Mine comes in this Wednesday, they are shipping an advance run of FDE pistols thet were slated to have night sights but did not get them. Can't wait to get my mitts on this one. Keep up the great work.

  11. Sootch00. Love your channel. Just got a P10 production gun several days ago. I went to the range and what a disappointment. The trigger is good but not great. It is more like a glock 19 with a ghost trigger bar for $25. In my opinion, it is not even close to a Walther PPQ M2. The mag release is very stiff. I might need a gunsmith to look at it. I am wondering if CZ sent out some Sunday Specials for people to review on YouTube. FYI, any closed end holsters for a Glock 19 will not fit the P10. The CZ is a little bit longer. Keep up the Great Work. (I learned my lesson again, don't buy anything you haven"t shot. I think CZ is going to take some heat over the production gun.)

  12. I've been looking for a viable option over my G19. MAC and you have definitely placed the CZ on my radar, I can't wait to get my hands on this pistol. Thanks

  13. During your review, did you have any problems with magazines releasing? I just got mine today. With empty mags, it requires more than normal pressure to release the magazine. When the magazine is loaded, I can't press the mag release hard enough with just my thumb. Sometimes I can get the mag to release with two hands but not always. I reached out to CZ, but waiting to hear back…thanks!

  14. Sootch, so I went to the range yesterday with my Glock fanboy neighbor. He got to borrow my czp01 sdp. After the first mag he just stared at it for 2 minutes. He wanted to know if the manufacturer of my pistol made a Striker fired pistol. Now I have to get one just to let him shoot it.( He thinks all YouTube reviewers are on the take).

  15. This thing is F!@#$%^ Beautiful. I love my Glock 19, but this gun is amazing. I love the controls being total ambi , And very flat to the frame.And The Trigger is awesome.

  16. I have one on order. Paid in full up front. How's that for a leap of faith??!! I based that decision on the outstanding performance of my 97 BD and 75 D Compact. Yeah, this one is a striker fired polymer gun, but based on the reviews I'm hoping the P-10 C is a winner. It will be interesting to see how it compares side-by-side with my G-19. Heck if it doesn't hurt my knuckle like the Glock does I'll be happy!

  17. He says the trigger has a very crisp snap. But theres a lot of movement from the point the trigger hits the "wall" and the point the trigger breaks. The amount of movement looks close to the amount on a Springfield trigger. It's not a big deal really because you wouldn't notice it while shooting.

  18. Glock fanboys really take it personal when people say other guns are better that glocks.But what really makes one pistol better than another ? Accuracy , Trigger ,Dependability and Durability. Glocks are very good pistol's but not the best and what person with advanced pistol knowledge would take the best Glock over the best CZ. The CZ SPO1 phantom IMO is superior to any Glock

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