New Savage A22 Semi Auto 22LR Rifle Review

The New Savage A22 22 LR Semi-Auto Rifle.

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Bushnell 3-9x Rimfire Scope:

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  1. Okay, so Savage has kicked Ruger's ass on semiauto .22 mags, which those fat, dumb and happy Ruger engineers couldn't make work. So, all, you folks at Savage, when are you going to kick Ruger ass on their Mini-14? I know you can do it – you showed them up on the .22 Magnum semiauto, I know you can do it on the 5.56mm too!
    Ruger has an inherently inaccurate design in their Mini-14. If you can beat them on accuracy, and match them on reliability, you will have them beat. Work on it! Maybe recycle the original M-1 carbine system, which was accurate, and tone down barrel whip with an initial heavy barrel target offering to establish the rifle as an accurate one. Do it!

  2. I have one of these. I also have a Cooper Jackson Squirrel rifle. Under ideal conditions with Lapua Midas +, the Cooper has shot literally one hole five shot groups @ 50 yards. The Savage has fired a full magazine of the same ammo into 7/16" @ 50 yards. I paid $231.00 for the Savage. Ten times that for the Cooper. At some point one has to ask himself is 7/32" at 50 yards(maximum aiming differential between the two) worth $2k? The answer is not no, but h#$% NO. I've wasted a small fortune on guns in my life, but my Savage is by far the best money I've ever spent.

  3. Did Savage send this to you with all the bugs worked out? I bought one based on this vid. Mine will not cycle a full mag without something going wrong. One mag, I had to take apart to get the bullets out of it. Used 4 different brands of ammo with the same result. Very unhappy with this gun!

  4. Until I see these at my local Turners outdoorsman I will stick with the 10/22s but this rifle is on my watch list for me. Rifle looks gorgeous too and I can imagine a beautiful walnut stock on that bad boy.

  5. I just bought the Savage A22, after watching your video period I am interested in setting mine up the same way you have yours. What rail system do you use for the Rimfire scope & where do I find. Thanks for the great videos!

  6. Sootch, of all the Youtubers yours are consistently the best. Most informative and easy listening. Some folks mumble and barely make sense. Others have so much wind noise it's a waste of time. Keep up the great work !

  7. I like it! and I want one,My wife hate's it when I watch your show, as well as Nutnfancy's, because I'm allway's tempted to buy stuff like the Canik TP9SF..which really is the best handgun for the price hand's down and what a sweet trigger..but a .22 lr is in the work's for me.I loved shooting them when I was a kid and would love to go shooting without braking the bank,I love your video's Sootch,when I was on my last chemo and couldn't do much, I would watch them all night long and never got bored and laughed through the takeout's Thank's again Amigo!!!

  8. Sootch, you mentioned that the rifle comes with a spare magazine and scope bases, however ( long story short ) I phoned Savage Arms, and they ( operator's name is Cindy ) informed me that they DO NOT include spare mags and bases with this rifle.
    Apparently this was a local dealer option, in your area, to have done this.
    I was all ready to' jump on my dealer' for not supplying these with my rifle, so before I called him, I decided it would be best to call Savage directly.
    Otherwise, it's a good video.

  9. The removable dust cover is such a nice feature. I have (sadly) just one 22lr. It's the same Marlin model 60 that I've had since I was 12. Over 30 years now and still going like a champ. My biggest complaint about the rifle has always been the disassembly/reassembly procedure that must be done to preform routine maintenance. This design would make that process so much simpler.

  10. why not make a bolt hold open design for these rim fire rifles?
    damn these gun companies needs to hire new engineers. over 50+ yrs of rimfire guns and still nothing reliable of a bolt hold open after the last shot.

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