“Patriot Bandage” an Improvised Israeli Bandage

An Israeli Bandage is a great bandage and you should have a one or two in your first aid supplies. The “Patriot Bandage” is a cool improvised bandaged. When using Improvised medicine you can get creative, just as long as it gets the job done!

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  1. Hey Skinny Medic, if you have seen Active Protection Videos? There are a few incidents where the guy gets shot or stabbed (Lungs, or artery). I was wondering if you could do a video on how you would approach stopping certain wounds.

  2. At first I thought what a terrible idea, however you are spot on with this is better than nothing. Another example of American ingenuity. For people who think you would die from infection, I would rather have the opportunity to fight an infection than die from blood loss.

  3. An ace wrap and a one or two 5x9s works better and can be gotten for about 3 bucks. I have used ace wraps and ABD pads in the field more often then any commercial bandage because they just work and you almost always have both those items in the back of an ambulance or crash bag.

  4. Anything you can use in a pinch. I was in an auto accident. My car was newly bought so I didn't put a first aid kit in there. Had a patient who was bleeding and didn't have anything else so I took off my shirt and used that. Thank God that the military requires first aid training at least once a year.

  5. Brilliant idea! The loop makes all the difference in the world. I carry ace wraps to use much the same way never thought to put a loop on them though. Thanks for the great tip.

  6. This is a terrible idea, the whole point of a feminine napkin is to absorb blood. This will continue to draw blood from the wound not stop blood flow.

  7. SkinnyMedic, what is your take on this issue: I've read that maxi-pads might not be ideal for wound treatment, due to them absorbing rather than causing clotting. I've read information supporting both sides of the debate. I'm not trying to start an argument, I just wondered if you have any real world experience with this? I understand why it might be handy in austere situations, but I think some EMT companies might frown upon it on a call.

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