QuikClot Sponges Discontinued

Z-Medica has discontinued the QuikClot sponges we we have removed it from our kits. The sponges were a good budget hemostatic agent but are no longer available. I would recommend either the Z-Medica EMS rolled gauze or the Celox powder to add to your kit now.

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  1. I literally bought some QuikClot locally just yesterday. the civvie version. I am glad I did and will get another one for my second house kit. Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for the update ! I haven't received anything on that yet.. Ridiculous though, the sponge like you said is a great budget item, but like you also said, the rolled gauze is good as well for a "budget". Its usually around $20 or so compared to $50 for the combat gauze…

  3. I liked that option b/c of quantity vs. price but the truth isย I never quite understood its application. The pouch kinda thru me off. That said, they are in all my kits.

    BTW… does the powder still have the possible stroke issues?

  4. Cool I have a few of those sponges packed away! Good to know. Also if anybody really wants it Amazon still has some on back stock just FYI and in the trama paks by quick clot

  5. Hello! I got a question about the celox i know it has shell fish in it so if someone is very allergic to shell fish do you think this would do harm??? Thank you!!

  6. Just talked to Chris at Zmed/ what SM is holding is being discontinue. But SM can't you just sell the Sport sponge from the Adventure medical kits?

  7. Why not just sell the kits you have until the QuikClot sponges runs out, then reprice them? What will you do with the QuikClot sponges that you remove from the kits? After watching this video, I went to the Sportsman's Guide website and bought 2 dozen of them.

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