Having a TQ near when using a firearm is a great way to be prepared in care of an emergency. The RE Factor Tactical tourniquet holder provides easy access to a CAT or SOFT-T with your AR-15.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, it sure looks great, but what's different to a rubber band? I mean, if you can fix a TQ to a plate carrier with a rubber band, what's holding us back from using them on the rifle?
    Maybe an idea for a quick tip tho…

  2. What happens when you swap shoulders for a shot? Its in the way and prevents that. I dont even like it on a sling, however it would be much better than the buttstock.

    Just like a gun, their is no substitute, should be on your body at all times.

  3. I like it, but the holder makes the tourniquet look like it could be confused with an explosive to the uninformed. I think I would get shot by police walking around with that on my backpack here in the UK! Haha.

  4. Hi SkinnyMedic do you think it is appropriate for someone that isn't an EMT but has medical knowledge to have OPA's in their trauma kit? I would like to get some however I am debating whether to get them because I have never used them before. Much appreciated!

  5. Interesting product but I've been running a TQ on my sling or buttstock held together with bungee and clips/fasteners. Cost about $2.50! Sure it's not protected in nylon but it will be there when I need it

  6. Nice bit of kit that ! Wish I could get stuff as good to review on my channel ahahah , any new med Bergans on the market , have you ever used ranger bands ?

  7. This could be a good tool in the right situation.  I bet you could attach it to a lot more than just the stock.  I prefer an ankle holster for my CAT.  I also use an AR magazine Molle pouch some times.

    I want to point out that running things over with a truck or car is not a way to test  durability.  Tires are made out of fairly soft rubber and are filled with air.  You are running things over with AIR. Tires are made to conform and mold around things.  Very little of the vehicles weight is being put on the item.  I had most of my foot run over by a car and it did nothing, no pain, no injury. Next time try running it over with a tractor or something with hard tires.

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