Reasons to Buy a Glock 40 Caliber Police Trade-In

The market is flooded with 40 Caliber Police Trade In Pistols for a while but the prices are right. AIM Surplus has Glock Model 22’s for $309.95. Here are some reasons to pick up one even if you don’t like 40 caliber, plus once the supply runs out, the price will rise.

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  1. just wondering why Wheaton Arms barrels are so much more expensive than anyone else? KKM barrels are match barrels but have the price of a Wheaton!! Even Loan Wolf are also match grade barrels and they are even less than a KKM.

  2. The God's honest truth is its a great but cause most cops don't train nor shoot enough. I retiered recently from an agency here in good old south Florida. I carried a G 23 gen 1 which I was able to buy back. Then I was able to buy the G 22 gen 4. If you can get your hands one one I think it's a good buy. Thanks for sharing brother…..

  3. I miss my Glock 22. Picked one up back in 94. I loved it. Loaned it to my brother to use while his Taurus was being repaired (he was a police officer at the time). Then, his house burned down. My poor Glock melted. I got back a lump of plastic. Can't afford a replacement these days πŸ™

  4. So with all that stuff you suggested to add, spend 1000.00 bucks on a 300.00 used Glock 22. Brilliant!
    Awesome if you get everything for free like you do, we ain't got it like that.

  5. I have nothing against the .40 and think it's an excellent round. With that being said, it's dying quickly. It won't become extinct anytime soon however. It's just falling out of favor. That's ONE reason they are selling so much cheaper than their 9mm and .45 counterparts. For most, it costs more to shoot and is more difficult to shoot proficiently. Most police departments are using or are going to be using 9mm and .45 now. It's been proven that officers score higher when qualifying with a 9mm for example. Even the FBI is moving back to 9mm. I wish I had the funds to buy one of these right now. It is a great deal. It wouldn't work out for me to load for though as I do with 9mm. Google search the Glock Kaboom. It's usually with a .40 Glock. The brass weakens after reuse and combine that with the pressure of the .40 and an unsupported chamber and bad things happen quickly.

  6. I just got a Glock 22 trade in from Knox County TN Sheriff Dept. through Classic Firearms. Great gun! Can't hardly tell it's ever been shot, or carried really. Plus it's a cool conversation piece since I'm just the next county over from Knox county.

  7. ooh, I struggled with this! this price is unbelievable! I can shoot .40 cal but prefer 9mm so I'll leave all these great guns to those who will carry them as their primary gun. Thanks for telling me about AIM Surplus. A good store to know about.

  8. only reason they are switching is because a lot of the minority hires can't control a .40 as easily. The .40 is by far a better round for self defense.

  9. Hey Sootch00 what Watch are you wearing in the shooting intro of this video? It looks great! Also thanks for doing this video, I was also keeping an eye on these police trade in sig p226 .40s&w. Now I'm thinking about adding a g23 to my collection.

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