Safariland 7TS Holster With ALS Retention System Review (HD)

I do practice a few draws with the holster, do some shooting, go over the features of it, and discuss what I think of it overall.

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  1. Another good informative video. Thanks. I have this same holster (in black) for my SIG Sauer P226. I added the ALS Guard to mine. Two thumbs up.

  2. Check out video on woknded fan channel. I use safariland als holsters. Also, I use the mls locking system to interchange holsters from paddle, plate carrier and leg shroud. In my opinion, safariland is one of the best in the market.

  3. Mrgunsngear, have you ever thought about doing a video on your truck and what gear , tools , and other things you carry and how you carry them?

  4. My duty holster is a Safariland ALS 6377 on the 2.25" belt attachment. I love it just like you love yours. I'm thinking of picking up a few of the paddle models (6378) for my off duty firearms.

  5. I've spent a small fortune on holsters but the Safariland with ALS ended up being my choice for most handguns. It's not as low profile as a Kydex like a Raven Concealment but these are my favorite. Drawing using your thumb to unlock doesn't take too long to get use to and becomes second nature.

  6. I have the black synthetic leather version of this holster for my off duty carry and I love it. It works great and the thumb lock release is natural when gripping the pistol. My duty holster is a Serpa Lvl 3 which utilizes both a thumb and trigger finger lock release. The motion used for un-holstering is also very natural when gripping the pistol.

    I also have the GLS version of this installed on a battle belt, which utilizes the middle finger grip release when drawing the pistol out of the holster. That took me some time to get used to, but after a day of shooting it, I got the hang of it.

    Safariland makes great holsters, but if budget is a problem, you may have to look elsewhere. It is worth the investment if the holster is what decides whether your live to fight again or not.

  7. Another really good holster that has the exact same feature is the Galco M6X Auto Locking Retention Holster. I own 2 of them, they are great as well. I compared prices on Amazon with the Safariland 7TS ALS and they are literally the exact same price lol. $39 for either. If I had a choice between the two, I would go with the Safariland 7TS because I think they offer more choices for attachments and the gun is a little more sealed up. Great review, please do more holster reviews! Holsters are always getting better and we need the news.

  8. My dept issues us these holsters for duty but with the hood guard and hood making it level 3 retention. I carry a glock 19 with a TRL HL. Also when I was in the academy they told us dirtbags in prison get these holsters and learn how to get the guns out from standing in front of us…which is surprisingly easy! lol

  9. Had An ad for Vedder holsters. I'm looking seriously at these ALS I've never had a single issue with the SERPA holsters but, als seems like a better idea. My alien wear doesn't fit a non glock lower so, I feel this would.

  10. What you call Level I retention is actually Level II. Level I is friction-only. Almost all holsters have at least Level I. A regular Supertuck or Aliengear IWB rig is Level I. There's no such thing as Level 0 or something.

  11. Sad to say the 7300 series does not have a Glock 30 model. 🙁 However happily, the model 6379 ALS fits my Glock 30SF perfectly! 🙂 The ALS is drop dead (pun intended) easy and completely natural for me. I've used this holster for over a year in daily concealed carry with an untucked polo shirt or a print Tshirt and never had a problem or question from anyone while carrying concealed. . Now that Texas is open carry I suppose it really doesn't mater but I don't believe in advertising my self defensive capabilities.

  12. Anyone else find it funny that Democrats view themselves as the good guys (the Rebellion/Jedi) in Star Wars, but they don't want anyone to have guns? Wouldn't be much of a rebellion if they couldn't have guns, which makes it sound like an empire-type move. Just saying.

  13. Love this holster for when I do open carry here in Texas. Have one for my P320c and it blows away the Serpa which I was used to from the military. I like the ALS over the GLS because I think it is a more secure system in the aspect of someone trying to get your weapon away from you.

  14. Have you looked at the Hogue Powerspeed ARS Stage 1? I got one for my Beretta PX4 in carbon fibre. The retention system is rock solid, with a very easy to hit/operate release button.

    I need to look at the 7TS model that supports mounted lights. I like to run a light on my full size pistols.

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