SHTF: 10 reasons for a 22LR Firearm

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The “10 Reasons 22LR is Good For SHTFl”.

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  1. I have a PPQ in .22 LR. It's been a superb firearm, and incredibly reliable. I've put as many as 300 rounds through it without cleaning and had zero stoppages. It will never be an EDC weapon, but it's good to keep around, just in case.

  2. The power of a 22lr is basically dropping the average 13 year old from one foot and squeezing that energy into less than a cm squared.

  3. You obviously have no idea what an SHTF is. In an SHTF situation the price of ammo is not going to be relevant. Somehow I talk to anti-gunners and they actually get this far better than people who obsess over SHTF scenarios all day. We're no longer in the 1800s, the population of America is 14 times what it was after the civil war. The ratio of Urban to rural residents have also skyrocketed. A true SHTF situation the last gun you'd want to have is a 22lr because it's an awful choice to fend yourself with from gangs, bandits, and marauders. Obviously, a gun is better than no gun, but if you could only have one gun it probably shouldn't be a 22.

  4. while you're right, the 22lr is not a self defense first pick. if dump a well aimed mag center mass the baddest dude is gonna think twice. just my thoughts, not fact. I don't like being shot my self, no matter the caliber 😂

  5. I would also add either the S&W 617 or the Ruger gp100. Ten round hand guns that will fire even if the last round didn't work, which is a real possibility with rim fire.

  6. i like this guy vids im not knocking him. but in my op i would not use a .22 in a shtf self defense situation. lets be practical now. i know there. 22 fan boys just like every other caliber but dont get to but hurt. just putting my op out there. caliber is weak no getting atound it.yes you can have alot of rounds on you but what good is that if you shoot half of them on one animal trying to kill it? yeah yeah shot placement well that bull shit cause. if your a real hunter and not keyboard commando you know not every shot is a perfect one. ant your making it harder with a small ass bullet. thebetter choice for survival. .223 or 12g. .223 what why cause it can do every thing a .22 can and more. my .223 is the most used gun i own it can do everything. i taken squirl rabit turkey deer stray cats fox coyotes with it. it is awesome ranch gun servival gun hell scout gun to. i rather trust my life with a .223 then. a .22. i like the .22 but in my op im not going to risk it if somthing evet happened no thanks.

  7. To all the hoarders who waited hours to buy 22LR for $45-$50/box of 500 because you KNEW it was going to be worth $90+, kiss my ass. Thanks for the years of panic buying that made it impossible to find at a reasonable price. Last month I finally was able to get a 350rnd box for $18 at my preferred gun store. I'm certain that the price will drop a bit more over the summer. Enjoy watching your investment crater.

  8. Lemme say from experience: Don't buy just ANY 22lr rifle… do a bit of research and try what you can for yourself before you buy… Otherwise you may end up with a 715T…. buhhhhhh…

  9. I heard more and more people talking about SHTF ammo…my choice is 9mm but 22lr makes a lot of sense. If you you think about hunt for the food, 22lr makes more sense than 9mm. you won't hunt anything big with 9mm anywhere.

  10. I believe Bill Burr said something along the lines of "I understand that to kill a man with a .22, you'd have to press it against his head and jab as you shoot, but if I shoot at you, at the very least I'm making you go outside and regroup. Even if I caught your elbow, it'd be the end of your night."

  11. oddly enough I had a j22 and shot accurately out to 80 yards with one when i was younger
    it was my everyday carry
    folks under estimate the power and damage one can do

  12. Personally I like the conversion kits. You get to keep your firearm in the same configuration but shoot more. The 5.56 to .22lr conversion kit is my favorite and I use it a lot.

  13. That's what we shot when we were kids me and my Cuz. A brick of Super X and a box of pencils pounded into the ground out about 40-50 yards. Who would shoot to the middle first. We learned. Then Dad and Uncle Charlie let us use a revolver and a couple other pistols. We learned.
    I still have my Bolt action Remington and a couple of those pistols. My Cuz is 3000 miles away. Wish we could go buy a brick and some pencils whenever.

  14. "A .22 LR is better than nothing". No shit Sherlock. Let loose a 25 round mag of .22 LR at anyone, anywhere, anytime and you can bet your sweet ass they won't like it. Some 25 round clips have a press together capability allowing a shooter to have 50 .22 LR shells available in one or two seconds depending on how quickly they can change out a magazine. No one – no one will walk through a shit storm of 50 .22 LF lead.

  15. Strange thing.  Years of 22 rimfire ammo shortages then Trump gets elected and 22 ammo suddenly appears on store shelves…….

  16. A 22 caliber break barrel pellet gun would be a great survival rifle as well simply based on the amount of ammunition you can carry on your person. It would limit you to taking smaller light skinned game but with good shot placement I wouldn't doubt it could kill deer size game if you had to in a survival situation.

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