Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 308 Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 .308 Rifle. A shortened version of the Standard M1A from a 22″ barrel to 16″ and a forward mount Picatinny Rail for a Scout Set up with Red Dots or LER Scopes.

Springfield Armory: http://www.springfield-armory.com/

Aimpoint Comp ML3 Red Dot Sight: http://bit.ly/28Y3znH
Aimpoint Outer Rubber Cover: http://bit.ly/291epJ9
Aimpoint KillFlash ARD: http://bit.ly/292qTzt
OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/28YWCkR
Use code “SOOTCH00” for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet.com order

Hi-Lux 2-7x LER Scope: http://georgiaoptics.com/?s=Hi-Lux&post_type=product

HPR Ammo: http://www.hprammo.com/

Brownells M1A Magazines: http://www.brownells.com/magazines/index.htm?k=M1A+magazines

Foam Action Sports Rest: http://www.foamactionsports.com/

Wheaton Arms: http://www.wheatonarms.com/

Skinny Medic YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkinnyMedic

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  1. had a m14 in vietnam heavy to carry but when it hit the fan that thing was a beast. next tour the m16, terrible POS. constantly cleaning it or feeding failures. too much crap in the bolt with that gas system. a toy in comparison.

  2. Love the socom but don't like the price. Before everyone hacks on me about, it's a M1A lol I get it. There is no reason to sell old technology for this fricken much, I mean damn. After Springfield fucking us over sooch I will not even buy a bullet from this company. Why would Springfield sell us out like this.

  3. One of the best gun reviewer guy i have seen on UT, many other reviews from him are of the same high level… Top !!!

  4. Hey Sootch, the Scout Squad is way cheaper and the performance is the same. You're really paying for the SOCOM hype name. For the little guy, just buy the Scout Squad.

  5. wait till you try the EBR cat I believe it's made by Sage I'm not exactly sure but yeah there's an EBR kit for the M1 A's and the importance it just truly amplifies the rifle like you wouldn't believe

  6. This is a little picky, but I'm a machinist, and it's not "A1S1 8620" steel, it's "AISI", which stands for "American Iron and Steel Institute". It's a case hardening alloy steel with chromium, molybdenum, and nickel with a high core strength…very tough and due to the chromium and nickel, very non-corrosive. Good stuff.

  7. Don, you need to take all your Springfield videos down.  It shows them in a positive light and someone might run out and buy one.  Think of it this way, it's like burning all of Charles Mansions baby photos.  Thank you my friend!

  8. I was wondering if you had removed your gas plug and brake/gas plug stop? If so does it stop around the 9 o'clock position?Instead around the 5 O'clock spot? Great channel …Keep up the good work Sootch00!

  9. I've wanted one of these Rifles since they were first introduced!!
    I remember the article in Shooting Times – The SOCOM 16 – Short, Sweet and Sassy…
    Just never had the scratch to pay for one…
    Well, there was a time I could've afforded it, but; the price isn't justifiable to my way of thinking …
    Still long for one someday tho

  10. Great review of my all time favorite battle rifle. I do take issue with your recoil comment though suggesting the lack of manhood. Geeze Sootch after 4 cervical fusions as a result of some bozo rear ending me at a red light, my days of shooting my .308's has been brought to an end. I could wear a cervical collar but that would affect my accuracy. I have been reduced to shooting a Mini-30 instead of my M1A. Sucks but without discs in my neck I just cannot tolerate the recoil of a .308.

  11. ProMag dis?! 😀 Love the honestness. 12/12 bad buys for me too so… 10/12 terrible feed issues, one was actually broke in its shipping package the other broke while in use after 3 rounds..

  12. I picked up a fde model a few weeks ago and put a holosun 515c on it and it has ran great with that set up, and with the holosun it has battery and solar and dual reticle, dot or eotech red dot with 65 moa circle a low mount and a high mount came with it and its also QD.. awesome lil set for the money

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