Springfield Armory XDS 9mm Pistol Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Springfield Armory XDS 9mm 3.3 Pistol. Compact, Single Stack and easy to conceal makes this a perfect Carry option.

Springfield Armory: http://www.springfield-armory.com/
Drake Firearms: https://drakefirearms.com/
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Gun Mag Warehouse: http://gunmagwarehouse.com/
Steel Targets: http://www.shootsteel.com/
Rubber Dummies Target: https://rubberdummies.com/

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  1. What the hell is people's problem with Croatia? I have guns made in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Israel; as well as the United States. I say, the more, the merrier. Worldwide competition is how we got the plethora of excellent handgun choices we enjoy today. It's called the free market; and it's GREAT!

  2. As a big fan of the springfield xd line and an owner of this firearm I am concerned with the grip safety. since it is a very small carry pistol I feel in a defensive situation there may be problem when trying to hurry up and pull this pistol.

  3. I just got one of these (9mm) for my concealed carry weapon, and on the first shot, it was spot on target. Super easy to shoot and hits your target accurately right out of the box. I got a special package deal which came with 5 mags (9 (2 of them), 8(2 of them) and 7), hip holster and mag holster, cleaning kit, etc. All I had to buy was ear protection and ammo. It also has a slim profile, which is great for concealed carry. I prefer to use the larger mags to add an additional finger grip because my hands are bigger, but it still has a low profile with the longer mags. Awesome weapon. I would definitely recommend it for new users because it is so easy to get on target from the first shot. Great review video. Thanks for sharing it. You are my go-to guy for checking out new weapons.

  4. Just watched your review on the HK VP9SK… and now I'm drooling. Budget doesn't allow, should i sell this XDS9 to fund the VP9SK??? Thanks…

  5. I almost bought one from a buddy…glad I didn't after they gave 50k donation for anti 2A. Rockriver also on my shit list…no excuse for their actions.

  6. These
    "people" just sold out every law abiding shooter and FFL in the state
    of Illinois. They pulled their opposition to a Senate bill in return
    for an EXEMPTION for THEMSELVES. Greedy rats of the worst kind.
    It did not work well for smith and wesson, it did not work out well for
    ruger. We're going to make absolutely sure it does not work out well
    for these losers as well.

  7. fyi to anyone considering, I just purchased my XD-S from my local Fin Feather and Fur, and springfield was running a "gear-up" program that ends I believe 6/30/2017. I purchased the gun at retail, which came with everything he listed in this review, and with a mail-in form I recieved in the mail a paddle holster, a 2 magazine holster, four magazine grip extensions, two 8-round magazines with attached grip extension, AND two 9-round magazines with attached grip extensions. So for retail price, and a little patience on mailing, I have a nice hard shell case, holsters, and 6 magazines!!! Well worth the purchase!!!

  8. I'll have to try this out at my next rang visit and shoot the xds, like the grip safety. I have a LCR right now for a ccw gun after I take my class. But would like to add a 9mm to the rotation.

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