S&W M&P Shield Pistol

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The S&W M&P Shield 9mm pistol. It’s no wonder this gun is so popular for Concealed Carry.

A Special thanks to NCHeel YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NCHeel

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Now in 2017, Northwest Armory in Tigard, OR, sells it for $325.00 with a $75.00 Mail-In Rebate.
    If you'll excuse the pun, Sootch, its a lot of "BANG" for the Buck!
    I won one last night in a Charity Auction.

  2. I own P938, shield and glock43 I got to say that the shield and G43 are my go to for conceal carry because of the weight and round capacity. I mainly carry the G43 cause is the better conceal weapon even more so than the sig because of the weight however the shield shoot like a bigger gun when compared to the g43 and the sig.

  3. The shield is badass. It's seriously my favorite pistol and I trust it through and through to protect my life, my family and friends when I'm out and about in the field. Great review Sootch and great pistol S&W 🇺🇸

  4. A much better value than the Glock 43. It has much better ergonomics, metal sights, a metal guide rod and no need to shop and spend more money on magazine baseplates and springs to increase capacity. And it can easily be had for around 350.00 online. The Glock is about 75 to 100 more online and you still don't have metal sights or the capacity of the Shield.

  5. You make some of the best videos on YouTube. Great content and superb video and audio quality. Its why I subscribe. A pleasure to watch.

  6. I rented one of these the other day to help decide what I want. I won't be testing out anymore guns other than the .45 glock 21 I tried which is too much for me since I'm new. I could handle it I just could not get back on target. The shield I was tearing it up out there with. Felt great in my hands even though I have alrge hands. Also found a great deal on it $375 shipped with FFL price included

  7. Wow, competence proven. I've seen other reviewers jabbing tools down into the ejector to remove the slide and there you go, just pulling the bloody trigger to release. Great review. Went to my local range explicitly to shoot the Glock 43 prior to purchase the other day when I asked "any other compact 9's you'd recommend?" "Yeah, try this, the S&W M&P Shield, very popular" The Glock fired great, but in my big meat hooks the Shield was just so much more pleasant to shoot. Plus, wouldn't have to go buy the taran tactical extended clip, or change the sights necessarily. I think I'm sold!

  8. i'm looking to get my first handgun, and i'm really liking this one and the px4 storm subcompact in 9mm. i'm a lefthanded shooter, which would be best for a left handed first time buyer. ps – i know i'm left handed from shooting friends firearms, so i'm not just saying i am.

  9. Excellent review, as always. Thanks. I love my M&P Shield 9mm, but my 442 J Frame Airweight even better. I know you've reviewed both guns, but I'd sure love a side-by-side comparison review, please.

  10. Scotch 00
    I hate plastic, decockers, and striker fired pistols!
    As an old .45 guy I want metal, a safety, and a hammer in my pistols.
    Having said that, 3 days ago I purchased a shield for summer carry and with 150 trouble free rounds through it I am completely satisfied.
    The fact that you armed your wife with this pistol made my decision easy!! Thanks for your video. Even Glock lovers Hickok45 & Son passed it.

  11. Really top notch review. I am seriously considering picking one of these up, the performance series is also out there so that is definitely an option as well..

  12. Thanks for the video. I found it very informative and to the point. I find your videos to be the best gun reviews on YouTube. well researched weapons, and your not afraid to show your bloopers.

  13. What I found today, as with many other firearms is that the magazine seeds much easier with the slide locked back. Especially with the 8 rounder when that "spacer" gets in the way. Great gun overall and we'll be picking one up tomorrow morning!!

  14. Sootch nails it again. Best reviews on the web. God bless. Ps. Do a review on the Glock 21. Earlier models. If you have, ignore.

  15. I'm a new shooter have been shooting about a month and a half now consistsntly (my sig 2022) and I got the shield .40 the other day and took it out shooting and I could not hit anything with it! (error on my fault) but when you shoot the shield do you place the front sight dot right center of the target your aiming at or towards the top of the target?

  16. I just scored 2 (8) round mags for $40 I think pro mag……(2) I am getting rid of the guide rod mine went to pieces (guide rod) Why your guess is as good as mine……The large spring slips over the guide rod…Yeah I got it used….After replacing guide rod hoping for the best….I am also going to polish that gritty trigger….I do like the trigger will not replace it just polish it up a bit…Sounds like I am rolling a tin can around in a metal bathtub full of Comet Cleanser…..

  17. Just picked mine up today 40.. I jist don't like the super hard to press slide release, and the magazine spring is so hard to. Load by hand

  18. Im picking up one of these tomorrow for $399.99 no safety. I used to own one but traded it for something else. I realized that I really missed my shield. One of the best guns I have owned

  19. Hello; If I had to choose between the S & WM & P Shield, the GLOCK 26 or Walther PPS, what would be your decision. Thank you very much for your videos.

  20. I off duty carry the Shield .40. That gives me a bit more of a punch. As I have large hands, the recoil difference between the 9mm and the .40 is negligible.

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