Talon Grips Moss Color XDS 45

Talon Grips New Moss Color Applied to a XDS 45

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Review of the Springfield Armory XDS 45 ACP:

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  1. Wanted to tell you thanks for your awesome review of the Talon Grips! I own a Springfield Armory XD40, and love the grip angle, but not the stock stippling that comes with the gun. After watching your video review of the Talon Grips I decided to give them a try, and boy was I amazed! I purchase the rubberized grips, and what a difference it makes!! So much so that I'm now going to purchase more for all my handguns! Thanks for all your reviews! Keep up the great work!!

  2. I'm an avid viewer. I heard from another gun channel that YouTube has made it practically impossible for gun channels to make money anymore because guns are considered not PC and not family-friendly. I'd like to know if this is true. Care to comment?

  3. Another great vid as always, but when do we get a sootch00 top 10 ??? Or top 5. Top 9mm or top carry options. Please, been waiting on it for a while.

  4. I love those grips. My on gripe would be the tabs on the back strap. That just makes it look Dorky. They should have made that piece fold over and blend with the side panels of the grips without those tabs and blank areas showing

  5. Just ordered for my XDs 9mm. Thanks for the review. This will be my first order from Talon. Ordered Sunday, shipped Monday. So far so good. Keep up the great reviews!

  6. I use the talon grips that feel like skateboard tape. I went to an indoor range in the summertime and my glock gen3 was so slick due to my sweaty palms I could hardly keep it in my hands. Since putting those grips on I've never had that issue again. I do have to replace them every couple of years due to the gritty ness becoming to smooth from use as I carry daily.

  7. Scotch, if you get the chance check out my C&C guns and ammo on 101 (by the barn yard) for ammo. Bought some 9mm for my CWP this last weekend. Great prices for consistent ammo, Their brand

  8. These grips are not made for conceal carry. I gone through several grips on both my glock and xds. Seem like a waste of money if you're conceal carry. It's a great option if you don't conceal though.

  9. As a life long skateboarder, I cringe at the thought of griptape on my gun but the rubberized ones sound awesome. Griptape belongs on skateboards, not guns. Unless you're a 7' monster like hickok i don't see slapping griptape on a gun.

  10. I just became your 80th patron sub your message is important $5 month to keep the world's eyes open to the positive aspect of firearms. Thank you Sir

  11. @Sootch00 blocked me on instagram because his posts seems like he's bought out by the companies in his videos. Guy can't take a little criticism. Definitely not a fan anymore.

  12. Thanks Sootch00, I wasn't aware that they made a rubberized version. Just put in an order for my Taurus PT111G2 and the magazine extentions. I use a belly band holster and that will help alot. Again, thanks, Kenny.

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