Tyr Defense Industries T11 AR-15 Pistol Review

I’ve had the T11 pistol in since before the ATF reversed their “shouldering” ruling so I’ve had it in for a while and put approximately 2k rounds through it so far. I test the accuracy of the pistol and go over the details of the components on it.

Pistol link: https://goo.gl/fYnTKS

Benchmark series link: https://goo.gl/4btHTu

Shouldering Shirt Link: https://goo.gl/woPvMZ






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  1. Cool gun. Could you give us one reason why we would buy this over a SCAR, ACR, ARX, Bren, or 556xi? In my opinion, there is no reason to pay more than 1000 on a DI AR.

  2. Is that a brushed or raw titanium muzzle device from SLR? I was supposed to receive an email when those new versions became available. However, after seeing that massive muzzle blast, I'm starting to think this isn't a viable flash hider. I've been bugging them for a titanium flash hider for months now. I simply cannot find a quality titanium muzzle device (I prefer flash hiders) that isn't anodized or a polished finished. Anyone have some suggestions?

    Apologies if I missed this in the video, but which model handguard is that? I'm assuming it's an SLR product just rebranded with Tyr Defense Industries logo. Looks like and ION Hybrid with M-LOK if I'm not mistaken.

    I generally dislike asking multiple questions in one post, as I know most creators do not respond to multi-part questions. Figured I might get lucky as an early viewer. Appreciate you taking the time to reply if you chose to do so. Thanks in advance brother.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    EDITED for content.

  3. The death of the SBR and rise of AR pistols comes crashing in with the inscription of one simple "opinion."
    Pretty pathetic how laws are actually made these days.
    Screw that price though! You can buy a bcm or dd pistol for over 1200 less!

  4. Very overpriced ! Maybe if you have no desire or knowledge to build , have unlimited funds, are on the titanium bandwagon, then maybe. I would take a BCM 11.5 BFH hands down over that platform any day . But I still love your videos and what you do for the community.

  5. So, correct me if I'm wrong here, but going off of what T Rex Arms and Garrand Thumb have stated, at 27" it's too long for a "pistol", however, it falls into the "firearms" category rather than SBR, so you can shoulder (ATF ruling not withstanding) + add a grip and be fully legal.

  6. Well done my friend. That's one well thought out pistol. Looks amazing too. the budget line with gold trigger sound like a very attractive option. Given all the billet and trick parts it's very fairly priced. I'm going to have to look into that bolt carrier group. What a great idea. Are the adjustments sensitive enough to tweak recoil and ejection or is it only a three setting sort of thing? Never knew of such a thing. I do however have to say screw you because I've never wanted an ar pistols before! I was going to get a 10mm 1911 and now I just don't know.

  7. but but but your t-shirt says you were a bad boy……. looks like a fun pistol, and smooth shooter. Great review, alot of new options we have these days is a very good thing for our 2A's RKBA

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