Walther PPS M2 Review: Excellent Concealed Carry Gun For Under $300 (HD)

I do some shooting with the Walther PPS M2, test the accuracy, compare it to the Shield and G43, and discuss what I think of it overall.

PPS M2 Link: https://goo.gl/jNRVJD (use code M4Y for 10% off and free shipping so it comes to $288 shipped with rebate)

Rebate link: https://goo.gl/ANKk5f

Truglo TFX sights: https://goo.gl/Cfm7VX

Shirt link: http://bit.ly/2rhIHwi







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  1. The Walther PPS M2 LE is my EDC gun. I have over 800+ rounds through it with no malfunctions of any kind. I actually just ordered some Trijicon HD Nights Sights (Yellow) for it today finally. Federal HST 150gr Micro or Speer Gold Dot 124gr Standard Pressure is what I prefer to use for Self Defense ammunition in it. The only negative is that it is slightly heavier than a Glock 43 and the Smith & Wesson Shield but has better ergos and accuracy in my opinion. Great review!

  2. Im jonesing for a m1 or m2 now. Have been for a good min. But the groups and price has gave me the fuzz. Plus it might make me operator af like you 💪

  3. Yes finally. How do ya like it on a personal level? Still own two. M1's not going anywhere. I pinned the original. And still removable. If that is actually reversible mag release? Im getting one. Hope your well. Take care man.

  4. Yep…looks like ''The ultimate single stack challenge'' is coming soon.
    The Shield, the G43 and the PPS M2 are excellent pistols competing in the hottest share of the gun market…the single stack.
    Unfortunately there are very few reviews that compare all three and the ones that exist are from amateurs or small channels.
    I am sure all three have their pros and cons but, having your personal opinion would help a lot of people searching for their first CCW. Thanks in advance and great video.

  5. Is it just me or does anyone find this thing visually unbalanced? The frame from trigger guard to the top of the slide is nearly twice the height of the grip below the trigger guard!

  6. I have 1000 rounds trough my PPS M2 the last 500 rounds without cleaning zero malfunctions, you can't go wrong with the PPS and with the current flood of sales on firearms getting this for under $300 with the mail in rebate is a steal (Germany quality, I would recommend getting the LE. Having the third mag 8 rounder is nice gives you a more of full size handgun feel in hand.

  7. Great gun. I have the same set up with the holster. I use the XS big dot sights though. That sticky holster is awesome too, especially for a tuckable. I also love my pachmayr grip glove on it too. I'm going to take a small leap and try a DPM guiderod on it. I should have it this week.

  8. Re: Law Enforcement edition…mine came with three magazines (6, 7, and 8) as well as phosphoric three-dot sights which glow green after exposure to light (sunlight or flashlight)…not tritium but useful life is projected to be longer. In my case, the price difference was the same as an extra magazine, so the sights were a bonus and easily replaced if desired.

  9. Great video. I definitely interested in this pistol. I was about to purchase a beretta nano as my ccw before watching this video. What’s your comparison option between the nano & PPS M2. Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work!

  10. Very nice review Mike! I would like to see the showdown between this, the G43 and the Shield. You should throw in a Ruger LC9S Pro or at least do a review of it. Haven't seen it on your channel. That is my EDC. Very tempting to get the PPS M2 though!

  11. Hey Mike, great review. I just ordered up a PPS M2 LE model in time for the rebate. Just curious, did you find the M2 to be any softer shooting than a Shield or a G43? I mean, if I handed them to a beginner in turn, all with the same ammo, do you think they would notice a difference?

    Also, on a side note, you might want to do some testing on that 150 grain Micro load before adopting it. It is quite accurate, but very slow compared to other rounds in its weight class. I can't get it to break 900 fps in my short barreled pocket guns and 850 is more like it. Federal told me that it was designed primarily with recoil mitigation in mind, for use by infrequent shooters in small micro pistols to give them better control. I think that is a great idea but I'm not sure that an experienced shooter needs to drop down that low.

    Paul Harrell and others have done some side by side testing in some targets that seem anatomically realistic, using the same compact 9 and comparing the 124 grain HST to the 150 Micro (his are in two separate vids about a week apart). In those kinds of tests, one can see a bit of superiority for the tried and true 124 grain HST, and if recoil is not your primary concern (and for you I'm sure it isn't) then you might be better served by sticking with the older round, But I'm sure they both will work fine. I'm running the 124 grain standard pressure HST in my micro 9mm pistols and bought a box of the 150 grain to test it, and decided not to switch, but that is just me, and I'm paying a lot less buying the 124's in 50 round boxes than I had to pay for the newer load. Just a thought.

  12. Just picked up the LE version. The 7 round mag feels really good in the hands, but the 8 is like pure butter. I may look into the TFX option in the future. Thank you for the reviews and keep up the great work. Fantastic channel

  13. Impressive gun control! Very little recoil in your big man-hands. Excellent review. I love my PPS m1, but with the rebate, I might just have to pick one of these up finally.

  14. Mrgunsngear! I got one pps m2 le i didnt fire yet! Can you please give a best grain for pps m2 le for defense. I want to know best grain for this pistol. I like your review and subscribe already. Thankz…

  15. I have this pistol (LE edition) as well as a very nicely equipped Glock 43, Performance Center Shield and the Xds. The Walther's ergonomics and build quality are IMO superior to the rest. The others have their own advantages.That said the PPS M2 has to be one of the best single stack 9mm pistols out there. Surprisingly enough I don't carry my Walther, mainly because it doesn't have a laser on it. I wish Lasermax would make a guide rod laser for it. I have their centerfire laser on the Shield which is nice, but I prefer the clean looks without add-ons. Yes, I can get a trigger bar mounted laser for the Walther, but I was hoping to avoid it.

  16. What is going over the shield and love it no regrets but it's allowed gun but it should very well considering that size very comfortable very quality it's a Walther one after like I don't rip the new Smith & Wesson shield which is also in my opinion a great gun though I'd say the Walter has a better trigger

  17. I've got a serious problem with holster manufacturers advertising these pocket holsters as safe to carry inside-the-waistband. That is not safe.

  18. $300 worth of Cabela's giftcards for $240, LE version going for $419, $100 rebate brings it down to $259 plus about $25 in sales tax. Always get the giftcards.

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